Sunday Message: In the Middle of Tears

Crying is a release. It cleanses us from the inside out. It doesn’t mean that after the tears are shed that it changes our circumstances! It does mean we have a temporary relief. Some of my best moves have come from tears.

Life is hard! It comes with ups and downs. I used to view crying as a sign of weakness. That’s not the case! Tears for me personally means I’m hurting and I’m overwhelmed. Feeling overwhelmed for many especially if no sign of comfort is nearby is what makes people stay in the feeling of hopelessness! It’s a terrible feeling. I’ve felt that sense of not having hope. It’s scary and often times it feels lonely. I would be lying if I acted as if the tears were inspirational all the time. They don’t feel like it!

I’m grateful for the times I’ve been able to cry and let it out and in addition to that dried my face and faced my shortcomings, failures, or humiliation! That isn’t weak at all that takes strength! It takes strength to say I’ve messed up and I’m not measuring up! You don’t know what and how others will view you! That is scary! But I am a witness you can look at the bottom and see the top even in darkness. In darkness if have had to ask God to turn on my night vision! That’s why when you are riding in life in light to build yourself up for those dark days! They are coming!! We also experience it!

So if you’re in a dark time right now-I understand! It’s not a great place but remember the time before this? Guess what? You come out! I know you see no way out but it’s coming! A way out is always near even if it seems out of reach! I pray night vision in your darkest time! Grace is there to carry you! This is why the whole cancel culture doesn’t make sense! Be mad at what a person has done but the same grace that covers me in my mess is the same grace that covers others! You can lose everything and be at the bottom but with work, forgiveness, and love you can shine. You might shine with humility or different support but you can still shine!

Happy Sunday! Make it your best!!


Chima Shares All The Love

We went to Chima to celebrate our 7th anniversary. Between the ambiance, good food, amazing drinks; Chima is definitely the spot to enhance any celebration!

Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, promotions or just because Chima is your go to! They will acknowledge your special day with flare. No matter the detail they will make sure you feel the love from the time you enter and until you leave! We first encountered Chima as a couple at our year 4 anniversary and it was just as special going back for year 7! Chima has the freshest foods you could ask for! There’s something for everyone!!

My favorites has to be the cinnamon pineapple. Like I get extremely giddy when it comes to the table! It’s so warm and fresh. Chima had to remember from my last visit. They were told a little birdy told them. God bless that bird because I had many slices!

Let’s talk about the Passion Fruit Dressing; it’s amazing!

The meats for those who eat it was top of the line and made to order!

Service is always impeccable! Shout out to Christian who was outstanding! He never let my cup go low and he knows that menu like no other. He made the night go super smooth!

I love that we could see the growth over the years and see how much joy Chima brings to our anniversaries!

It’s nothing to like getting dressed up to experience world class cuisine at a restaurant that stands by customer service and elegant delivery. You can ask any of the staff and they absolutely go above and beyond for every patron! They treated us like royalty! They are standing by to do the same for you! Consider them for your next event!

Here’s a few things that stuck out to me this visit:

For my parent friends they have a baby changing station in both men and women bathrooms!

There bar is amazing and don’t think for one second you won’t get amazing service vs being seated at a table because that’s not the case!

Speaking of drinks they are amazing it doesn’t matter which one you try!

Los Olas Old Fashion; bulleit bourbon, angostura bitters, sugar cube, orange peel and garnished with luxardo cherry

White sangria

Chima has you covered for all of your needs! Thank you Chima for an amazing night! Thank you Marques for these 7 years!! Let’s make it a lifetime!

Giving you The Best That I Got…Year 7!

It’s year 7 and I must say as much as I would love to downplay it, I’m not! I wish I could take a behind the scenes of the early years. I do all I can to not let that old couple pop up. Between not communicating and just yelling and being a team player on paper but not in thought or deed…whew I’m grateful for days like today.

I immediately listened to one of my artist, Anita Baker. When I was younger anytime she and most other R&B artist was played I knew it meant it was time to clean. When I was a kid I told myself I knew who I would married by whether or not I wanted to sing that song to him….thus music became an association I made in a lot of situations. I still do! Anyway the growth as a woman and a person that I’ve made makes me so incredibly happy. I know the trials I’ve made over the years. I can now sing those sounds in confidence since back then my momma reminded me I ain’t know what I was talking about. Now I’m working towards more knowledge AND practice daily!

Now that I am putting into the work I can honestly say I’m giving my husband the best that I got daily. It may not be perfect but the energy to be better daily is what makes the huge difference. I wasn’t doing that as often before. It was a rush to point to him as the reason or if he wasn’t the reason in my mind he needed to fix it. How in the world he was supposed to fix me is beyond me but these type of unstable requests and wars was going on.

Year 7 means a sense of completion. Although we have waves to go through a small sense of accomplishment exists. I am giving the best that I got to myself daily. It’s not selfish to practice self care so we all can live in peace. He benefits from making sure I check my energy and attitude as he does the same. It helps two VERY different people to be able to coexist. We are friends! We have our own language. We have our own code words. We laugh at things that we alone might only find funny! We want the best for one another. As long as we keep that going we can continue this partnership.

20 years of friendship, 7 years of marriage and 3 beautiful children and a lifetime to go!!

So as we celebrate year 7 enjoy my favorite artist-love you Mr. Storr!!

He Said…

I love that you try to find the joy in everything and bring a positive attitude to all that are around you.

Ten Asian Food Hall

So last weekend my blogger and friend Cherryl aka Phillyfoodgal and I went to Ten Asian Food Hall. It’s located at 1715 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. I had never been before and you know how much I love trying new spaces.

Once inside it’s so much more open than I expected! The lighting in the restaurant is amazing. It’s clean which completely matters and the staff is interactive. So just for the first observations I definitely give my thumbs up. I walked a little further in and discovered the seating inside is amazing. It has a second floor as well.

So now that the aesthetics is pleasing let’s talk about food:


This is a definite to please everyone on your list. There are options for pescatarian, vegetarians, carnivores, and vegans. Everyone can eat. From the appetizers to the dishes there is a little for everyone.

Signature Works

They have what’s called their signature dishes which are what they have already prearranged meals! The price ranges from about 8 dollars and goes to about 11. So it’s definitely price worthy options! You can select Ahi on Fire which is Ahi tuna, green and sweet onion, cucumber, masago, sesame seeds, and sriracha aioli. Everything is fresh!

Pick your Poké

Who doesn’t love an amazing poké bowl?! If made fresh and right it’s a one dish bowl of Heaven! You don’t have to worry about fresh at Ten Asian Fusion Food Hall! It’s made to order! Did you know they made poké bowls, sushi burritos, poké salads or even poké noodles. Your Poké you can have with either 2 choices for 10.95 or 3 for 12.95. You pick a 2-3proteins, 4 mix-ins, a flavor, 4 toppings and a crunch. I love choices especially when the choices!

Ten’s Bento Box

Here is where I like to call it a lunch or dinner on the run! It’s like a sophisticated TV dinner with much more style, flare, and taste! The one below is the La Galbi which is short beer rib over salad with Korean special grill sauce!

Hibachi Meal

You can even create your own Hibachi meal. It includes one protein for 9.25 or 2 for 11.50. It’s then served with stir fried rice, zucchini, onion, broccoli, carrot, and miso soup or salad! Oh and they even have fried tofu for my Vegan friends!

If that wasn’t enough…

Ten’s Ramen

They have Ramen! You get to pick your noodle, broth, protein and 4 ingredients for 10.95!! You can’t beat it!!

Bubble Tea

I love Bubble Tea! I also love Milk Bubble Tea but being vegan I haven’t had one since! That was until Sunday when I had their nondairy Milk! They have some really unique flavors such as Double Purple Milk Green Tea with Bubble!

So my Sunday Funday was great. I was so full from the options I only ate dinner no need to even snack!

Thank you to the staff of Ten Asian Food Hall! Thanks Cherryl aka Phillyfoodgal!!

He Said…She Said…

We change in marriage. We think we won’t but we do. We are ever learning about ourselves in the midst of change in marriage. Today’s question is what have we learned about ourselves since being married..

He Said…

What I learned about myself in marriage is the desire to change history and be in a family with a stable home (ie mother and father in the home) and provide that for my children since I didn’t have that. In that desire to provide that I put more emphasis on being an amazing father and not enough on being an amazing husband. What I didn’t realize that I have to make sure that I put time to my marriage in order to create the stable home. What I’m learning now is to put the same energy that I give my children to my marriage to continue an environment for both!

She Said..

I learned that it’s ok to have fun in marriage. It took so much for me to go back to the fun that we had in the very beginning trying to make sure I had the perfect food cooked, kids cleaned, and dotting every I. That was so stressful and causing me to lose focus on what mattered. So as to the T that I felt I needed to be, knowing that sometimes it’s ok to go take a nap and things would get done later was just as great! Knowing I can take on too much and be unwilling or too scared to admit I needed help had to drop.

So we were both trying too hard in one area but not enough in other areas and now learning everyday the balance to keep our own personal fuel, couple fuel, and family fuel is always a tug of war! I definitely think we are getting better at it for this stage of life!

Hoping you are learning and getting something from this series!

Week 6: Storr Summer Adventures

It seems as if Summer is definitely in full swing. We are about half way in so making the most of these next couple of weeks will matter! Week 6’s total was $75.06.


Since we were still coming down from the Hershey Park trip we decided to keep it easy and go to the park! We had a great time! The kids were able to play and I was able to get much needed down time!


It was AMC $5 movie so that meant we definitely went to see The Lion King! We enjoyed it overall! I am an avid member of the Beyhive but I’m glad Beyonce didn’t have a lot of speaking parts! She can sing but her acting..

Noelle immediately wasn’t here for the realness of the animals. We definitely saw the original quite a few times in preparation starting in the Winter. She immediately yells out: “something is definitely wrong with this movie!” The songs I wasn’t a full fan of-spoiler alert “Be Prepared” will have you upset!!! Overall we went to a different theatre and let’s say without airing the location I will NOT be back to see any movie there! Super glad that we saw an evening movie so my husband could join us! FYI we went to a 8pm movie and got out late and there were lines of families to see the 1030 and beyond shows! Definitely have to chalk that up to it being Summer-at least I hope! Total for 4 tickets 20-I didn’t include my husband since he’s not apart of the Summer fun on the regular! He took care of his own ticket!


We decided to use our FREE yes free passes for the Kids Bowling series! I sign up for this yearly! It gives kids 2 games a week and shoe rental is the only thing that you pay for! So 2 games and 3 shoe rentals was $12! However we did rent the dino bowling helper for Noelle so that was 22 full total! We had lunch before we left and brought waters and juice for the ride up. I did allow them an ice-cream treat at Sonic! Sonic total was $12.12!


I was asked to speak at the TCP media literacy camp in Lancaster PA! Lancaster is my hometown! We got up extra early and packed the car with juices and snacks! I could have brought my kids to the camp if needbe but I figured it would be too young for them and they enjoyed the morning with my cousin Mark!

I really enjoyed talking to the children about my blog, how I started, my goals for the future as well as the pitfalls of social media!

We also spent the afternoon at my grandparents house! The kids rode their scooters for hours and my grandparents of course fed them and gave them snacks while the kids taught them new songs!


We spent Friday relaxing and watching movies! It was well deserved as we didn’t get back from Lancaster until 9pm!

This week we will go to Barnes and Nobles to obtain theie Summer book reward as well as the library! My youngest and middle child already finished their mandatory book reports for school! They are still reading 4-5 books a week! The oldest is just about done with her report and continues to read for leisure!

Monday Motivation: Time to Move

Oh I hate moving! Hate is such a strong word but I loathe moving. The packing of it all and the stress makes me feel like I should have stayed where I was. The value of new living space isn’t seen in the midst of the move! That is the same in life. It’s more comfortable to stay put but moving is there is more value is key.

How many times have we known it was time to move on but didn’t! In love or life comfort will have you stuck as well as miserable. It’s supposed to make you uncomfortable enough to move but some of us is stubborn. Instead of taking the cue to move we will stay even more stagnant. We will drain our pool of support in the disdain but won’t make enough moves that is necessary. Then we holler that we aren’t getting enough support! It’s either the ones around you; you need to move from or you are the one that needs to move on! Stop pressuring folks to make you great and be it!

Moving requires a plan. It requires that you do some work. When I moved us from one home to the other I didn’t just wake up and say let’s do this. I choose to take off of work and move in the day while the kids were in school. I planned my moves so I can have the least amount of stress but that didn’t eliminate all of it. I didn’t charge those around me to pick up slack that was my responsibility not before, during, or after the move!

Value in moving is key. Even if you are downgrading there is value. Between making things easily within your budget or having better opportunities; there is value. What about moving as part of our health! It’s necessary and the value is there but we do the I’ll start…. You know it doesn’t happen! So then you have the audacity to get mad at the weight. You welcomed the weight on with your lifestyle so how can it be the weight’s fault? How can it be the raggedy boyfriend/girlfriend’s fault that YOU won’t let them go? YOU have to eliminate the drama. They are fine that’s why they are staying around-you are the benefit.

So where do you need to move this Monday? What responsibility do you need to take? What value do you need to look past the comfort of staying. At least if you’re going to complain at least complain towards a solution. If not you’re losing time, money and opportunities for free just to keep a comfort that’s robbing you of potential! Let’s move this Monday!