Ear Muffs

I respond to things that I am passionate about.  The things that affect my here and now or my and my kids future.  I respond to the petty things of the world sometimes and have to remind myself constantly to use ear muffs.  No my ears aren’t cold but they need to be shielded.  Sometimes we yell ear muffs to our kids and they know that means cup them ears mommy or daddy needs to express adult content.

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For adults the same technique sometimes needs to be used.  You are in control of what you entertain.  You are in control of what you allow to get into your spirit.  You’re an adult.  You have the ability to end the things that no longer serve you.  You have the ability to say no to images, sounds, and social media that do not line up with preserving you.  You have a right not to argue and debate a fool who will not listen to anything you or anyone else has to say.  You can be pulled in but as an adult you control the stops in your life.  You have to be willing to look wrong sometimes.  You have to be willing to look off when someone wants to engage you and you know it will lead no where.

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Even on social media. I told you about the time I allowed myself to be pulled into a debate.  Even though I felt I was being targeted or the person was saying things about my kids for one, I still had a right to end it early and deal with that person face to face. So you have the same power.  You have to evoke ear muffs to shield the very things that will cause you to be upset.  Anything that takes space in your mind that has you thinking of it for more than an hour that isn’t something centered around making you better, putting food on your table, getting you that much closer to your destiny-cut it off.  Disengage on social media, stop hanging around the family and friends who do not mean you well, stop arguing with your mate and getting no where, find another job so every day you aren’t crying in the parking lot or miserable at your place of employment. Control the parts of your life that you can.  Trust me I have been in that place before.  It tears your spirit down.  Activate your ear muffs so you can hear what you need to do, where you need to be, and how you are going to get there.  You don’t have time to entertain things that don’t build you.

Safety First Halloween Edition

Well in this day and age this list I am about to bring to you really should and could be enforced all year-long.  There are way too many stories of people doing the most and you say to yourself and yourself says, Huh?!  Why?  Really its due to people losing it.  So for this Halloween season, let me help you stay safe.

  1. Stay off your phone as you are going to your car, or out trick or treating.  I am bad at this and have been trying to do better.  The reality is often times being on your cell makes you a target because we aren’t aware of our surroundings.  Think about when the Pokemon game came out.  People were crashing cars, falling off bridges, and running into parked cars because they were distracted.  If you are taking young kids out stay off your phone.Image result for get off your phone gif
  2. Turn your location off on your phone.  Do NOT live chat while you are out.  Why does others need to know your location and what you are doing.  You’re sending a message to anyone who wants to find you that you aren’t home.  I live the live feature for others I just don’t know how much I will use of it myself.
  3. Do NOT let your kids eat the candy until you checked it.  We know that unfortunately bad people exist.  It’s one of the reasons that I didn’t take my kids out in past years. Check for things like drugs, razors, pins, etc.  Especially with heroin on the rise there are some ugly people willing to let kids get sick to make them feel good.  Kids don’t know any better they love candy but be vigilant about protecting the little people who are in your care.
  4. If you choose to dress like a clown, may the force be with you.  Let me tell you now if you come in my neck of the woods I am not taking any chances. There is a greater chance that if you even make the slightest of advances to even scare my kids I am whoopin your ass.  Let’s just be clear on that right now.  I know my response was supposed to be that I should pray but sorry not sorry not today.  I will take a clown down so its best for you to pick another costume and stay in your lane.Image result for homey the clown gif
  5. Follow up to that is stay in your lane.  Leave families alone.  Let little kids enjoy this holiday.  Go to adult parties and act a fool but leave folks and their kids alone.  And let your older teens know the same.  I don’t care what age you are if you knock and I got candy I will give you some, but let’s be real knock and act a fool well we know how that will go.
  6. Makeup doesn’t have to be perfect.  It’s Halloween so some folks regular makeup with finally blend in for the occasion.  However try to get as close as to what you are trying to be.  No need to look like Elsa and you were really going for a pumpkin.
  7. Uber and Lyft are great means of transportation especially if you are going to be drinking and partying. Make sure that you pay attention to the car you are getting in.  I always tell others and send them the information as well so in case I don’t get to my destination they will know.  I know that with all of this technology it would appear that I wouldn’t have to do that, but I always am more safety conscience than anything.
  8. Know your limit.  This again is something that you should know all the time.  You shouldn’t have to drink to have a good time.  It should be you like your drinks.  So be very choosy on what you intake.  Do NOT drink to the point where you don’t know who you are or where you are.  Too many people sit and wait for you to be in this state to take advantage of you.Image result for know your limit gif
  9. If you feel uneasy about anything trust your gut.  Do NOT advance.  Sometimes things within you have more sense than you allow.  If if don’t feel right stop and retreat.
  10. Have fun, be safe, but be aware!!!

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Miss me with It! 

Let me be clear as a married woman I’m not shopping around for a stand by mate.  I have to make that disclaimer early because misery loves company and I’m good.  I was on my social media look around and a friend of mine made a statement that took me back.  Now since I know how blogging about others work I will keep all identity closed.  However I have to lay out some of the things that rubbed me the wrong way.

One we as humans are super divided. Its down right out-of-pocket. What I can’t deal with is when adult men say something of the most insensitive things in regards to women.  I know women say off things too but for me men are leaders. Leaders who go out their way to belittle women just are another level of human I don’t vibe well with.

How do some men push their level of ignorance, entitlement, or pure arrogance around but want to be treated like kings? This isn’t all men. I have to say that not to lose the man who will use that statement to mentally check out.

I started this blog a week ago but since the comments from Donald Trump this seems like the best time to release it. Men have always been apart of the boys club by nothing more than the member between their legs.  Whether or not men subscribe and are active members is what matters most to me. It would be great to live in a society where women and men were equal but unfortunately we aren’t there yet.  Women are the ones who have to defend themselves against this type of foolishness. It’s sheer madness.

I made a statement on my personal Facebook page and I stand by it.  If I can’t even get the men whom I associate with to make changes than we have a long way to go.   If saying things in regards of grabbing pussy or getting any women you want and making said women do what you want don’t sound off than what is? Women aren’t objects.  We are more than the curves of our body.  The flip to this is we women too need to wake up and know that too.  We objective men and if we want an equal playing field than we got to play accordingly. Do I have the answer on what will make a man respect women across the board?  Nope but it starts with the men we have in our lives. If you dating a man or married to one who does this, shut it down. Speak up. Do not sit and say they just being men.  My husband almost snapped his neck looking at a women’s ass in front of me.  I almost came across the other side and snapped it back. I spoke up. I’m not going to sit idle and see no mess like that going down and be okay with it.  If you do it with someone in my presence than the respect line I set up most not be well-defined.

I have some of the most respected leaders in my circle but I too have heard them when they think they are I mixed crowds speak about women but have a different woke conversation when affluent men and women are around. If you listen to people they reveal their real selves and not the lines they want you to know.  I will continue to call this crap out.  Donald and the only ones we need to worry about. Stop sitting in the presence of a man who speaks like this period.  Don’t date them.  Don’t sleep with them and don’t marry them. They are the same ones who will have to raise your daughters. They are the ones grooming their sons to break your princesses’ heart.  So while the world is tearing Donald a new one and he definitely deserves it, just be sure to snap on the ones you entertain too.