Get you A Kardashian Tribe

I hear it all the time, the Kardashians do not have any talent.  They are self-absorbed etc.  All of those things are debatable.  What isn’t debatable is their ability to stand as a family and only let out what they want.

As everyone all knows, on February 1st, 2018 the youngest Jenner had a baby girl.  The world speculated for months that she was pregnant yet she nor anyone in her camp ever let the cat out the bag.  As much as everyone goes hard on them they were able to keep that circle tight and closed.  No one needed to know until she was ready for them to know.  How many of us can say we have a tight-knit circle let along family that does the same.  I know many families that as soon as they sense a drop of tea, that spill it fast especially when they have a disdain for the person that the is being formed on.  Families are actually the ones to let you down quick, but hate them or love them the Kardashian/Jenner family swooped in around Kylie and kept her life hidden.

'Pregnancy has been life changing': She revealed that it was her choice to keep the entire process a secret as she thanked her friends and family for keeping it mum

This is a great notion for all of us, whether family or friends get you a tribe of folks that will shelter you when you need it, speak up when they have to, and keep some things private. Not everything is for everybody.  If nothing else, the Kardashians just showed us how to live our best life on our own terms.  With that in mind, use that energy to get yourself surrounded by the RIGHT people instead of worrying about having a LOT of people.  Its better to have a small tribe than a massive tribe of folks who really aren’t rooting for you. This Monday motivation is about your friend or sister circle! Drop some dead weight today and attract the right ones! Yes they have money and they can do a lot, but does it take money to have a good circle, nope ask any successful person.  You are as good as the team that surrounds you!

Another nugget from this: Kylie didn’t need anyone to be okay with her decision to do it her way either.  We the public was a second thought to her over the birth of her daughter.  Stop with the notion of waiting for someone to co-sign your every move.  Let folks see what went down especially if they aren’t key factors to making anything happen for you.