Self Love

Self love will look different, sound different, taste different, etc to different people. Self love means by the very definition is about loving yourself.  The broadest definition of self-love is learning how to care for you, what you need, how much you need, and being okay to not limit how often you love on yourself. How you […]


Action Do Something

So let me just say that I have about had all I can take but I know that is not true because as time goes especially in the next day or so the complaints are going to take off.  I am referring to the swearing-in of Donald Trump, which artists or celebrities will be in […]


5 years down!

Well on Friday I was completely overwhelmed with emotion.  I left work early and on the outside I seemed fine but on the inside it wasn’t a very good day for me. As I drove to pick up my oldest it hit me.  It was 5 years since I moved from my hometown to Philadelphia.  […]