2019 Let’s Get It

So we all have goals. I believe in doing daily, weekly, monthly and of course yearly goals. I told you I am the type that carries around 2 planners. One for my life and family life and the other just for the blog. It’s important for me to write down my intentions and see my goals in front of me so that I can accomplish anything. So when the New Year comes along to me regardless if you believe in resolutions, goal setting is very much important.

So with that in mind as always I will do my yearly Vision Board. I love sitting down with my husband and kids and helping each other come up with their goals, supporting their goals, and really setting the ground work for our kids to understand that having a vision in life is important even at an early age. We sit down and have the Storr Family Vision Board party. I make it into an event. We have fun, we talk about what we think we want to do, and it’s another opportunity for my husband and I as a couple to set goals for the family, and as individuals. I would highly encourage you to do the same. I also take and set my vision board in my room so I can openly view it. It’s important to have it in my eye sight so I can work through the goals often. I also take a picture of it and set it as backdrop on my cell. This way since I am on it enough, I can continue to affirm my goals daily. I believe that there is at least one thing I can do everyday towards my goals and that is my mindset.


Personal Goals

I used to think that having personal goals should be at the bottom of the list. To me that is not the way to go. Before I can help anyone else in their goals I need to be actively fulfilling my own. So here are my personal goals:

  • Take another solo trip
  • Connect with a Spiritual Mentor
  • Take at least 2 weekends even if it’s an overnight trip to self renew
  • Complete 5 races
  • Arrange a birthday brunch with my friends
  • Take at least 2 girls trips
  • Do at least 4 facials at a salon
  • Keep my self-care balanced
  • Continue my weight management balance
  • Celebrate each month with something I love to do for myself
  • Stack my savings
  • Stack my emergency fund
  • Attend more events
  • Tweak my friendships to be better, eliminate the relationships that no longer serve

Blog Goals

Here are my blogging goals for this year

  • Get a new Camera for blogging
  • Collaborations with brands (new ones already secured; details coming)
  • Come from behind the blog to be more interactive on my social media platforms
  • Use my own pictures and editorials for my blogs
  • Continue my branding expansion
  • Attend one blog retreat in another state or city
  • Increase my social media numbers on all platforms
  • Keep the consistency in blogs per week
  • Collaborate with 2 new bloggers

Mommy Goals

This I needed to make slighty different from my family goals. As a mom I noticed that any triggers I may have had and didn’t know through counseling has come up in how I parent. Thankfully I am doing the work to make sure that my kids are well-rounded and balanced. Growing up we spent more time worrying about being settled in church that all other areas were neglected. It’s the truth that you can’t just be spiritually minded and no earthly good.

  • Balance the time I spend with my kids
  • Take them on more mommy and me time
  • Continue to work hard at my self-care as it reflects to my mothering
  • Develop each child with what they need over what I think they should have ie. love them with their love language
  • More patience-always need more of that
  • Be mindful of my words and how I relate to them
  • Give them the best parts of me
  • Cultivate each child’s dreams as a unit and separately


Family Goals

  • Take more trips to the lake
  • Take at least one beach trip
  • Set up 2 family vacations
  • Continue to celebrate life freely
  • Continue to celebrate the little things
  • Continue our prayer sessions daily
  • Celebrate each other’s accomplishments
  • Continue keeping peach in our home
  • Eliminating wasteful spending as a unit


Bae Goals

  • One getaway
  • Celebrate each other’s accomplishments
  • Find ways to love each other according to our love language
  • Monthly date nights
  • More check-ins and being intentional in listening to one another
  • Communicate effectively
  • Keep the focus on what’s important
  • Be a better partner not just a wife. My husband and I moved towards partnership and I found it’s been better for us. As a wife or husband you tend to work towards duties. Partnership moves past duties and making sure we give each partner what they need to be successful


So as you can see because I am always writing my goals, it wasn’t hard for me to fine tune what I know I’m setting out to do. It’s important to me to be sure that I am always finding ways to be a better version of myself. As life happens, this list, will change. In order to live a life of purpose, I don’t have to stick to this list and bring in the guilt of changing my goals. I can use this as a guide and have fun doing them. I hope you change your perception of what goal setting is about. It’s all about fine tuning yourself and having something to work towards.


May your 2019 be all that you put the work into becoming!!


Monday Motivation: Mario Kart Life

Today is a day like any day to make the best out of our situations. Let’s not front and act as if everyone woke up with their affairs in order. You might have gotten up this morning with stress on your heart and feeling overwhelmed. I sympathize with you. I want you to know that no matter what’s going on in your life, mind, or heart we have to press through. There may not be someone to come and save you but don’t have to let your situation overtake you.

I know you’re saying that it may be easy for me to say but it’s not. Most days lately have been pure crazy. If I could touch on the things you would be like wow. I know that life happens to all of us. I know that even with crazy life circumstances, what will pull me through is resetting myself daily. It’s going to take me being in charge of what I entertain in my mind and who I allow around me. Your thoughts matter. It’s the first line of defense in how you continue in your day. If all you speak is negativity and worry that’s all you look to see. Even in bad situations I’m like what’s the lesson and where is the good that can come out of this. I know I’ve been in worst situations and I know some how I’ve come out. That’s the reassurance that motivates me to wake up and intentionally push.

Some mornings especially in this holiday season I can feel grieve and sadness around me. So I do what I need to do for me to push out of it. Prayer is how I start, music and speaking to my children is also how I push through. Sometimes journaling. Whatever you need, grab it while your situations work themselves out. Take care of you while life happens. The worst thing you can do is fall apart and while life is happening to you. The stress of life is going to be there. Losing your mind or losing yourself is not worth it.

man climbing on gray concrete peak at daytime

Photo by Rodrigo on Pexels.com

Take Monday by the horns and have a great day on purpose. You ever play Mario Kart?  In the game all kinds of objects are being thrown. The objective is to dodge the objectives and keep going. Sometimes life is like that. I think about that when I am driving in Philly and trying to avoid the potholes. Life is like that sometimes. You have everything being thrown to you at one time only to find that some you miss and others you don’t. The objective is to keep going and win. It didn’t say it would be easy. It didn’t say it would work out, life is about not quitting. Usually regardless of skill set, resources, and help the person who wins in life is the one who doesn’t give up. They are the ones that push through.  How about you?

What are you Grateful for?

The only time we talk about gratefulness is around Thanksgiving.  You hear everyone repeat what they are grateful for.  If you come from a big family as I do, by the time Aunt Sally speaks her gratefulness you’re almost tapped out.  Do you know the power of speaking what you are grateful for out loud?  It refocuses what you have and less on what you don’t.  It will renew your mind to go after what you don’t have without negativity.  It will allow others around you to get good vibes as well.  When you see grateful people they seem to smile more. There lives may be in shambles but they know that trouble don’t last always.  They seem perkier.  They seem almost too unreal.  The reason they seem unreal is because the world is full of life suckers and negative vibes.  Choose to be the light in a dark world. Sometimes a simple smile can do it for someone. I watched my kids energy in a simple Snapchat video and it reminded me to slow down and relax.  Or when I see my daughter accomplish a goal she thought she couldn’t its gratefulness that makes me stop and reflect.  I look and see the Vegas devastation and some of the stories of heroism or the stories of how a man lost his wife but he was grateful for her smile everyday.  Can you say the same?  Will someone look back at the time you were here and say, they were genuine and loved life?  If not you can change it.  Life sucks no doubt, but if you change the lens you will be able to conquer anything thrown.

So I’ll start it out for you, what are you grateful for?

I am grateful:

  1. My life
  2. My health
  3. My husband
  4. My kids
  5. My job
  6. Good credit
  7. No debt
  8. Ability to love
  9. Ability to receive love
  10. This day
  11. My friends
  12. For my grandparents still being alive
  13. For my nieces
  14. My siblings and siblings in love
  15. My parents
  16. For working my marriage
  17. For good food in my home
  18. For the ability to have gas in my car
  19. For healing
  20. For a sound mind
  21. Loving love
  22. Being quirky
  23. For loving to celebrate daily days
  24. Being an organized person
  25. For being creative

The list can go on for pages and pages, what are you grateful for?  Speak it and sit back and enjoy the blessings that God gave you as you speak it and list it.  It changes you when you learn to live from a grateful heart.  Be grateful!

31 Days and Change is Coming!

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news or good news depending on how you see it, but a new Year is coming soon.  I know everyone will wait until after Christmas to start their new me, new this and that but wouldn’t be nice to do things a different this year?

Image result for new me gif

Instead of waiting, actually put an action plan in place.  How many years have gone by and you say the generic I want to do (insert desire) but you say it but don’t make a sure plan to do it?  I am sure quite a few.  It’s time to change that mentality and actually make a real plan.  Get things in order.  Get your house which can be the place you lay your head as well as your personal house the place where your soul and heart dwells together too.

Either way its time to do and not just talk.  I am serious.  Anything worth having is worth some work.  I know we are used to instant.  We want an update, instant.  We want food, drive through-instant.  We want to shop-instant.  Now you can shop without even having to get out of your car to pick it up.  We are used to the right now.  Let’s take that same mentality and put some action behind it.  For my house we do a vision board party.  We go and get some supplies, use my old magazines and get it done.  Some people are visual like me and it helps to see what I need to do.  So for instance my house has their vision boards in their rooms.  So we look at it often and talk about what we can do to complete a certain goal.  We have completed quite a few individually and collectively.  Yes the kids have their own too.  Now for them it may seem more of an art project, but can you imagine them getting in their spirit now how to get a plan and work their plan? They are going to have the potential to be great in their own rights.  It’s never too early to get the little people thinking in the right direction.

Image result for vision board gif

So what say you?  You spending time only getting things right for the holidays?  Your future can wait right?  Nope.  Get a jump-start now.  For instance the dreaded lose weight that people want to do yearly.  You only go hard for the first 2 weeks maybe month in January but that’s it.  Why not hang your ideal wish outfit at your eyesight.  Get a new gym bag and actually pack it.  Get you a new water bottle.  Get you some indoor videos or work out gear so that when it snows or rains you can still push.  Hope about use the holidays the time to get it.  Catch the sales.  Give others who ask your list and go from there.  Again you can work it if you are about a little action.  Get a new work lunch bag that you love. It will help you plan ahead so you can begin packing healthier snacks instead of change for the vending machine or not eating at all.  See how that works?

Image result for eating habits gif

How about the new job plan?  Have you had someone take a fresh pair of eyes to your resume?  Have you printed new copies to go into your padfolio for the upcoming interviews you are going to score?  Have you gotten a new interview outfit and shoes?  Sales people. Use this time wisely.  Even if you hate the holidays you can still love these discounts.  Have you updated the many useful job search websites?  Have you gone to a few networking events that are held now during this holiday season?  No.  Then you have not exhausted all of your means.  Finding a new job is sometimes a full-time job.  You need to be spending your time working a new plan now and not wait until the influx of resumes start loading up on New Years day.  Will people hire during the holidays?  Not necessarily but they so start looking and putting their plans into place.

Image result for new job gif

This new way of thinking can be applied to all areas of your life.  So its time to get moving towards your new future.  It’s all in how you create it. One can’t simply pray without works.  What are you worth?  I hope you see the value in yourself so others can see the same thing.  Put your action to where you mouth is….

Filter Please

As much as I try not to use many filters when I’m on social media the reality is that often times we need filters in our lives to keep us respectful and use tact.  Some people use filters to make themselves look better, trust me Instagram has some of the best ones I’ve seen.  My issues with filters and people is that they will use them on pictures but wont use them on an everyday basis to guard the things they say or do.  Why?

Let me give you an example of when its a good time to use a filter, work.  You may have the worst boss in the world.  One that is completely disrespectful.  Your boss may be the devil incarnate but you must exercise the ability to choose your words carefully.  There’s nothing worst than being in a situation and just because you are “keeping it real” you start saying anything and every thought that comes to mind.  Listen I’m all for not allowing others to take advantage of you.  There will be times to speak up, but not every time do you need to give someone a piece of your mind.  You don’t have enough to give out in the first place.

Another example when you should use a filter, speaking to a spouse.  I know that spouses, live in companions, or boyfriend/girlfriend situations you feel the need to speak freely. You should be yourself around the one you love.  There are times when tact over being right is key.  As much as I love my husband and I feel strongly about a topic sometimes the best approach is to be quiet and wait until what I have to say, what I mean to convey is done in taste.  Have I ever said something I shouldn’t have to my husband of course, but sometimes what we say has more damage than we expect.  I’ve had moments that the repair was costly.

The point is that we all need filters.  You can be grown and can say what you want but doesn’t mean you should.  I’ve gotten into many confrontations (arguments) and have said somethings that have hurt those around me.  I was in the right to say it.  I was making a point.  I was saying what I felt, but end of the day it hurt the other person.  I can’t say that all situations you aren’t going to offend someone.  As long as you’re on Earth, someone isn’t going to like the way you said and what you said.  You have to be the bigger person and make sure you take a second to think about what you want to leave with someone.

Filters are going to be a personal choice.  What I think someone should use a filter for will vary person to person.  The problem with that is you have to begin with general respect towards others.  Once respect is lost it’s hard to even think to use a filter with someone.  I know from personal experience how lost of respect will change everything.  There are times although rare where I get to the point where I do not want to be in a person’s presence so much that it becomes a chore to show love or respect to them.  Trust me these are rare instances and I’ve been fortunate not to have many, but it has happened.

Respect is earned.  You should give others a general line of respect to begin with.  I think that’s a working slate to begin with.  After that how someone treats you may sway the amount of filters you use.  Sometimes in life we have to use more filters when you find yourself in a situation where like at work, you can’t just go off for no reason.  You may have to use more filters with family and friends especially if you want to keep the relationship in tact.  The issue when you don’t use a filter and you hurt someone you take the risk to where they may not be so forthright in extending grace towards you.  Once filters aren’t used you don’t always get 2 and 3 chances to mess over people.  I think we as humans have been programmed to belief that sorry fixes things and they don’t.  Sorry is the first step but at times sorry isn’t enough.  Sorry doesn’t wipe away the history either. You can forgive but you will never fully forget.  So the next time you find yourself in a situation and you want to not use a filter when engaging with someone, think about what damage it will and if you are willing to cut all ties.  If you aren’t willing to accept what you say and the consequences that it brings it may be a good suggestion to keep quiet until you find a better approach. For every action there is a reaction.  So practice safe filters you don’t want to get in a situation where you end something before it can begin.


National I’m Not Going to Take It!!

Today is national I’m not going to take it anymore day.  Yes if you follow me on my social media pages, I love days.  I love celebrations small or large.  Now today we get to all celebrate what we won’t take anymore.

Let me be clear as much as most of us have a set list of things we won’t accept or take from others let’s flip this and look inwardly.  We all talk about disrespect, hurt, etc from others but the reality is if you are allowing certain actions to be taken by you towards you-don’t point outwardly point the finger to you.  Yes it begins with us.  We are responsible for how we allow others to treat us.  So if you have a man in your life that does disrespectful stuff to you, it’s completely wrong however if you keep allowing him back it’s on you.  I know its not the blog you wanted to hear. Not all days are always about fun and games.  Some days we need to take responsibility for us.

What are you tired of today and not going to take?  Now take that list and find ways you can make yourself responsible and make the change.  Its like having your phone ring and not answering it.  You can’t stop folks from calling but you don’t have to answer it.  Some things are in your hand and power to control and there’s not much someone can do if you’re willing to accept it.  Some times we need to call a spade a spade and not sugar coat it.  You like the attention, the drama, the negativity.  When you don’t guess what happens, come hell or high water you make the necessary changes to stop it.  It may not be simple, it may cause a few back slides but overall you can stop it.  So what do you need to stop within you? Make a conscience decision to do so.  Even if it hurts or feels uncomfortable to do so-do it.  The most uncomfortable thing is stopping a bad habit but when you do, it’s a great feeling.


Sang That: New Year’s Edition

Do you have your hats, noise makers, and bottle of champagne ready?  Do you have your most fierce outfit ready?  Do you have a sitter for the kids and ready to have a night on the town? If you answered yes to those questions, my next question is do you know what you are singing about?

You may say I don’t sing I leave that to the professionals.  However I like to beg the differ.  On New Years night, the Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns is a stable in the American home.  Yes don’t know who he is, maybe this will help.

Should old acquaintance be forgot,

And never brought to mind

Should old acquaintance  be forgot

And auld lang syne?

So while the new years kisses are being given, your singing and playing this song and still will push back from that kiss and hold onto every grudge you have with others.

This time of year brings on the promises of weight loss, leaving old things behind, going after that promotion or finding a better job.  Whatever Resolution you make the one to forgive should really be the first.

How many times have you made this artificial promises to yourself and then turn around and break it as soon as the thrill of the new years dies.  Check the gym out come at least January 2nd, what do you see?  Its full.  Membership fees and dues are increased but unless you own a gym you need to be more focused on your inner.  I do say hey hit the gym but just go there with more than your thighs on your mind.

How many people have hurt you?  Would a simple sorry take that away?  What about the times when a sorry is out of the question?  Have you visited the grave or been past one lately?  How many folks have died owing someone a sorry that never happened?  Yet the effects of what was done still lingers with the folks above the ground.  Isn’t it time to have some peace?

Listen I’m not above heartache.  I too have been bitter at points in my life.  The person who hurt you for the most part goes on and appears to have a great life.  It’s just perspective.  You are sitting there with your popcorn waiting for Karma to do her job and on the surface it doesn’t happen.  You have no real idea what a person is going through.  You are only responsible for you.  You have to be willing to put it past you.  you have to be willing to do it without a sorry, without an omission and say I’m still mad and always may be but I don’t have to be like this-its a choice.  Make the choice to turn that song into a reality.  Know that you wont have to forget it but you don’t have to carry it either.

So this year when you sing it loud, sing it clear Let it go. Make and keep the promise of mental clearness.  Forgive.