2019 23rd Street Armory Oktoberfest

Oh what a night?! Oktoberfest is exactly what you would expect…food, fun, culture and beer! 23rd Street Armory has to be the biggest one I’ve attended so far.

I love the layout. You walk in and it’s fully decorated and organized. You know where the beer and food is, there’s plenty of seats, great service, and music playing!

So yes the crowds are big. Let me say they have enough people not to feel too crazy but enough that you can’t help but be friends with whom you are seated. I walked around the entire space and everyone was pleasant. I like to think it had to do with me but let’s go with the fact that it had to do with the atmosphere!

The open space is just what you need to navigate. Tickets for the event is $25. That’s not a bad starting price. I would suggest you get VIP so that you have food and your first beer included along with VIP seating. Oh and you get served. Now you don’t have to get up and get your food. You can have it brought to you!

Also because drinking and driving don’t mix consider getting the Uber VIP! Now you can have the same amenities as the regular VIP but with secured ride home. Trust me the size of these beers for even one drink will let you know that Uber or a responsible ride is where you want to be.

It’s a full on celebration with tradition food in tow! From the amazing pretzels, to the pork, sauerkraut, and to the roasted chicken you’re not going to want to miss!

You can follow me on Instagram to see some amazing performances or on my Facebook page! I loved it!

Shout out to Nick! Nick celebrated his 21st birthday! I don’t know of a better place than to celebrate drinking beer!

Now did I enjoy myself? Absolutely! I love beer and all things Oktoberfest that’s why I’ve been making my rounds!

I want to leave you with the link so you can get in the building and have a great time!

Tonight (Saturday October 19) it’s from 1-5 and then again from 7:30-11:30! Make your way and get your tickets here!! Trust me the tickets sell out fast! It’s always a hit so get them as early as you can!


Linvilla Orchards 2019

I love going to Linvilla! It reminds me of home. I live in Philadelphia but I’m from Lancaster PA! One of the hardest things was not feeling some of the country feels that Lancaster provides when I first moved! When I moved I was so sad feeling like I would have to travel just to get that feel. I started to find ways to make Philadelphia home and so I googled and and one of my first discoveries was Linvilla Orchards.

At the time when I first went I only had two of my 3 kids. They were so young. I mean my son had to be 1 and my oldest was 3. I needed to find parts of home without running to Lancaster just to find a familiar place. After the first visit I made Linvilla Orchards our yearly trip!

My children ages 1 and 3 now 8 and 10

Oh how we have grown over the years of coming to this family treasure. It means the world to me to have this be our tradition. Since my first year we also have included other family as well. Why do I love Linvilla? Going during Pumpkinland is everything Fall you can expect. There are hayrides, the Garden Center to choose your pumkins, apple throwing, corn and straw bale mazes, kids playgrounds, pony rides, train rides, friendly witch hayrides, apple picking, and of course the most amazing food ever.

Garden Center

This is where you pick your own pumkins! The prices are everything! They have pumpkins and gourds in every size!

The displays are always larger than life it’s almost the way to know you have definitely arrived

Pony Rides

Although when I went this time they didnt pony rides available until right around the time I left. They are always a fan favorite!

Train Rides

Although Linvilla doesn’t charge admission or parking there is a fee for train and pony rides and they take cash. Meaning you need to either use the ATM at the Farm Market or bring cash of your own!


It’s completely closed and there is a section for the younger kids and the older kids and both are super close so you can supervise kids between the ages. This made it easier for when my kids were younger not to feel like they one couldn’t participate or would be knocked down by an older child!

There is a $1.00 admission paid in cash and children and adults must wash their hands exiting to help cut down on the spread of germs!

Corn Maze

Although I’m from Lancaster and love corn mazes I seem to always get stuck. This time I used the flag to help locate me. I’m happy to say I didn’t need it this time but I was definitely prepared! Corn mazes are always a great time. You do need tickets for that but you can purchase tickets with cash or credit/debit card.

Corn mazes are always instant fun. I went by myself and it was a blast! Do not worry I’ll be taking the kids soon!

Straw bale Maze


Food is always a good idea! There are three things I will NEVER leave Linvilla without and that’s corn, apple cider donuts, and apple cider/apple cider slushes! These are an absolute must!

I also had a cherry limeade!

The food options are endless! There are many food options from the grill, funnel cake, etc.

Ship Bottom Brewery Garden

This is open during the weekends! This is always a great idea. Beers must be kept in the garden areas! Adding a little adult drink fun is clutch! Always remember not to drink and drive!


This is a must! This is where you can get in season bakery goods. You also can get cakes and those infamous apple cider donuts from above!


I love Fall Hayrides! The ability to be at Linvilla Orchards to learn how this is a family owned Orchard is amazing. Passed down from generation to generation you see the pride in the upkeep! You get to see their fruits that are planted and see the land for what it is-simply beautiful!

Hayrides are definitely pay as you ride! One ticket per rider is necessary. If you have seasonal allergies I would suggest to take your allergy medicine before you come. Bring a scarf or a small blanket to cover your face from the dust that will pick up. Also have your inhaler if necessary. My kids has asthma and allergies but do extremely well on the hayride!!

For those who love Halloween there are friendly witch hayrides to the witches house that include apple cider drinks and a campfire at the end.

There are a lot of activities for kids and adults of all ages. You really can make the trip what you want. Some people break their trips and make multiples trips or you can cram it all into an one time visit. Keep in mind that Linvilla Orchards is open all year round minus a few holiday closings!

This is a must for all of your Fall fun! They also have fun all year long including pick your own Christmas tree that starts in November!

To find more information please visit Linvilla Orchards!

Thank you to the hands down amazing staff who allowed me time to visit. You were all so hospitable! From making me feel comfortable to the warm welcome!! I look forwards to coming back!

Of course follow me on Instagram as you never know where I may end up. I hope that you have an amazing Fall Season. This should be a time for slowing down, family and friend fun, and a time for being grateful for all that we have!

This sums up what Linvilla Orchards to me!

Inis Nua presents The Night Alive

This takes the concept of failure and redemption to a new level. Can you fail and hit the bottom of your life and find true redemption? We say that you can but we all know that’s usually an uphill battle!

Tommy is the epitome of what it means to have the very bottom of your life fall. He is dealing with living with his uncle Maurice in a dirty “flat” in Dublin. His wife has left him and he’s unable to have a descent relationship with his teenage daughter. He is lonely outside of his friendship with Doc who is a little behind everyone else!

He meets and helps Aimee who has just been beaten up by her boyfriend and is trying to figure herself out. Can two people who have nothing to lose bring each other hope? Tommy definitely feels so. He has fallen in love with Aimee but she is struggling with the life she knows and may not be capable to let that go! Aimee boyfriend, Kenneth doesn’t take letting go too easily and goes on a search to bring her back to the life of drugs and stealing they had. It’s that encounter that spirals Tommy’s choices and life to the point of no return!

The Night Alive is witty, real, and speaks to every last one of us whoever lost and tried to change. It speaks to those who have failed miserably trying to make better decisions but the past seems to come knocking. It’s relatable even though the story takes place in Dublin. It goes to show you that life happens to every last one of us.

The Night Alive by Tony-nominated Conor McPherson has the right amount of drama, redemption, excitement all wrapped with the human touch! I sat in the front and I was mesmerized the entire time. For my readers I need to say there is a brief violent scene. I sat watching gasping and I can always tell when something grabs me because I sat straight up and leaned forward not to miss a beat!

The actors did a phenomenal job with this production and I send positive vibes during this run!!

You can see A Night Alive until October 27th! You don’t want to miss it. Tickets can be purchased here!

Old City Fest 2019

I love the Fall! I love festivals and to combine them both is always a treat! If you follow me on Instagram and you should you know for a while now I had been posting and raving about how great Old City Fest would be. However with all of the hype did it pass the Toitimeblog test?

Yes it did! There was amazing food, drinks, things for the kids to do (not that I took my own), music, and fun and amazing weather. It couldn’t have been a better Sunday funday? It had all of the key elements! I actually didn’t eat when I got home because I was super stuffed! I love walking around, meeting new people, and trying new food.

I of course stopped at Cuba Libre! I love their food and drinks. They ran out of their branded coconuts but the mojitos were still amazing. I had another event to go to right before and the mojito was right on time. They had classic and mango and of course I got mango! Something about fruit flavored mojitos that turn a mood!

Can we talk about dessert before I get to food? I had never had icecream at Franklin Icecream before! I know it seems as if after almost 9 years there are still a list of things I haven’t done! However can I just say hands down they by far have the best vegan pumpkin icecream I’ve had this season! I’m more than willing to be challenged on this but it’s true!

I had some amazing food from Makhani but I think in all of my greediness I didn’t get a picture. I was doing more filming and recording. I also loved seeing all of the diverseness from the crowd. Also special love to all of those who had their dogs out as well!

So what did you miss? Overload of vendors in a good way! Not one time did I feel as if something didn’t catch my eye. From vendors offering chances for free services, to samples, to food purchases, drink purchases, an amazing DJ, about a 4 block radius of fun, it was filled and jam packed! I saw nothing but smiles from everyone I saw. It’s always great to shut down a few blocks and walk around carefree for a little while! To experience the city coming together was beautiful!

Who doesn’t love a great Fall photo op?!

I loved that Old City Fest had a great mix! I hope to see you there next year? The crowd was everything!

Photo by Kory Aversa

So next time Old City Fest comes into town make sure you find your space to enjoy the fun!

People’s Light Presents Colman Domingo’s Dot

The story follows a family who is struggling with their mother, Dotty’s Dementia disease. It takes winding turns as the disease progresses and everyone’s acceptance of the progression changes.

From the beginning watching how Dotty interacted with her daughter, Shelly reminded me of my grandma and my aunts act when we have gotten together. Everyone is so opinionated and yet Dotty and Shelly are wrestling with one another emotionally on what the next steps are. Shelly’s answer is extremely unconventional but as I watch her why it became clear. I had never seen Dementia portrayed in such a way before. To be honest like most of us we only think that memories are lost but the reality is whole lives are taken.

I never gave thought how someone like Dotty would feel as everyone moves around her. I remember growing up in my neighborhood and church family there were many instances that made me feel a sense of relativity. Having love and respect with community mothers who made you feel loved and how the love never changes but as they get older their health deteriorates.

I love how Playwright and Director kept the colorful beauty of intertwining Donnie’s marriage to Adam and showing how there is acceptance with Dotty. I also love that even as much acceptance and love is around them they still like all relationships are complex! Jackie’s inability to move on from Donnie who was her high school sweetheart (yes now married to Adam) has pushed her decision making.

I love Averie the youngest and dreamer that everyone has written off. She actually has more sense than they give her credit. She also looks out for Fidel in her own way. Fidel is from Russia and has been paid to keep an eye out for Dotty. We all know how healthcare and long term care works. It’s great when you have enough resources but when you don’t you have to get creative.

There is a lot of high emotions and trauma that happens as Dotty progresses. Trauma always has a way of rearing it’s head at the most opportune times. Yet it’s within that trauma that forces your hand to do the work you neglected.

Dot is beautiful, sad, enlightening, sacred, truthful and in a twist humorous. It’s more than a story about disease it’s a story of life that we ALL can relate. How we fit within our own communities and how we process pain, life, and love speaks volumes.

Dot is a must see. As always People’s Light always leaves me thinking. It causes a spark of conversation with my family and friends. What is my legacy and how would I want to be honored if I ever couldn’t keep my own dignity?!

Dot is running until Sunday October 20, 2019! Don’t miss your opportunity! People’s Light is located at 39 Conestoga Road, Malvern PA 19355. Tickets start at $35 and can be purchased here!

Monday Motivation: National Kick Butt Day

Now know that this is about kicking ourselves in the butt to complete our goals. You know the ones that we said we would do, but we haven’t done. The ones that we aspire to complete, but we lacked motivation to complete.

Sometimes we need to have a swift kick in the behind to get us where we need to be. Today is that kick as well as that reminder that goals don’t just happen. Goals need work and participation. Goals need you to do your part. We lack ambition and it sits between desire and life happening. Sometimes life happens but if we are real we also play our part in goals dropping. If you aren’t doing what you need to do especially if you know what you are supposed to do but don’t; you are the only one who can give you that good kick to get that much closer to your goals. You know you got to stop and reclaim your time in the words of Auntie Maxine. You need to step up and refresh your why.
The time isn’t at a new year, next month, etc. the time is now. Kick start the very desires and a plan to make it happen! Eliminate the setback which inevitably will bring a sense of accomplishments into your life. Its like walking for days what you could have walked in hours. Kick yourself in the butt. You are your own worse enemy. Acknowledge your shortcoming and than use it to push you forward.

Sunday Message: Make it Count

We all know life is hard. We all know that when we start the day even with the best of intentions things don’t always pan out the way we envisioned it. As I woke up this morning getting the family together it was crazy how many distractions came in. I mean it was almost like a school and work day where we had to be up and out the door by 7. That’s a large task with all the personalities to manage.

As soon as the kids started to push back I had to remind them to make today count. Why wake up and start your day bad when there is enough bad in this world? Why align yourself with extra negative thoughts. There’s so much we can’t control but our mind we can. We can reset. We can change what we think. We have the power to not let our mind make us shift into bad moods or access bad atmospheres.

I refuse to be up and go through the WHOLE day in misery. This has nothing to do with circumstances. We have the power to rise above our circumstances. I’ve seen people lose a lot and still manage to find a way to push through! It’s not easy all the time but it’s necessary! What are you doing with your day today? What mindset changes do you need to implement? What stops are you inserting that aren’t really there? What can you do to rise? Think on the things that will build and not break you.

Take this Sunday and not waste it on foolishness. Don’t entertain it! Don’t allow anything to alter your path today! You got this! Let’s push it! Happy Sunday!