Chima Philadelphia: Tomahawk Tuesday

Have you ever had a tomahawk steak? It’s a beef rib-eye with 5 inches of extra rib bone for presentation. The long bone looks like an axe which is where the name tomahawk comes from. So what does this amazing cut of steak and chima have in common? Tomahawk Tuesdays at Chima now allows you this beautiful cut of steak along with their other rodízio aka meats at no extra charge. Trust me you are going to want to go up on a Tuesday! I had the pleasure of spending an evening and I’m going to break it all down for you. From the options for all nutrition palates to drinks to dessert.


One of the best things about Philadelphia is the amazing restaurants. Chima is definitely ahead of the cut when it comes to style, service, and ambiance. One of the other features that many aren’t aware of is they offer valet parking for $11.00. Now not many have the patience to do like my husband does to circle around the block several times to stalk out parking. I know I don’t. Whenever I am going to a location after I do my Google maps to be sure I know how to get there is to find what parking accommodations they have. We all have seen that red Parking sign that says “limited.” In Center City you already know that parking is slim to none. Now you can not only pay for parking but have someone else park it with valet for $11 and trust that is a great deal! I love convenience. Being a woman on the go sometimes I am cutting it close to locations due to life and mom duties. It’s good to know that when I come to a Chima, I’ll have one less worry and I can enjoy my night out with less stress.


Not everyone drinks and that’s quite okay as there are many assortments of non alcoholic drinks available. For those who do drink they have a unique menu. I would highly recommend trying the Chima Caipirinha. They come in the following flavor offerings:

  • Strawberry
  • Açaí
  • Pineapple
  • Passion Fruit
  • Orange

The Chima caipirinha is one of their signatures straight from Brazil. One of the things I look for with drinks is presentation, taste and quality of the drinks. I’ve been to many establishments where the drinks lacked in one or more of these areas yet the price remained the same. At Chima that is not the case. From first sip to last its amazing. Nothing is watered down and that’s always a great thing!

Chima caipirinha pineapple

Chima caipirinha açaí

I also enjoyed the ultimate margarita! I love margaritas a lot. They are always festive and if made right a great choice for the night. Chima definitely put the ultimate into the ultimate margarita. The drink is filled to the possible capacity. I actually had to sip it down to even pick it up to drink!


So Chima is where my husband and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and it had been that long since we there last as we are soon coming up on our 7th anniversary. Immediately I noticed the changes in their menus. In addition to the hard bound book you also get an iPad to look and view drinks, desserts, etc. all night. This makes it so much easier to see what you want as you listen in at the waiter/waitress recommendations. I found this to be super helpful for me in making my selections. Plus seeing pictures of what I wanted was helpful as well. FYI what you see in the picture is exactly how it’s coming out. There are no surprises!


So let’s keep it real, Chima is a Brazilian steakhouse so meats is there speciality. I will definitely cue you in on how to please all the non meat eaters as well in a minute. For those who love to eat meat, this is the oasis of meats. Quality and quantity is not ever an issue at Chima. When you arrive (for those who have never been) you are given a circled card. The one side says no thank you and the other side says yes please! The yes please signals the servers who will frequent your table often to ask you for your choice in selection and temperature (rare, medium, well down, etc.) of meat. As long as the yes please card is up they will ask and offer. When you want to take a rest, flip the card over and they will pass you by! Each place setting also has a tong that as they cut you can pull your selection as you go!

As far as meats there is chicken, steak, pork, beef, and sausages cooked in many varieties available daily while the tomahawk is available on Tomahawk Tuesday!

The tomahawk is charred to perfection, juicy from first bite and exceptional-I brought a resident meat expert aka my husband

No other options?

Chima could be your go to for an upscale date night, a party, celebrating any and all occasions, or just to come in on Tomahawk Tuesday! Either way you may have a few or more in your party that doesn’t necessarily eat meats. It’s hard to please everyone but I can reassure you Chima has you covered. The salad bar is ahead of its class. This isn’t your run in the mill salad bar. The selections are fresh and have an amazing selections of foods for vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians and meat eaters alike. Just remember to always grab a clean plate when you’re ready to enjoy! For those who don’t want to sit at a traditional table the bar is available too. The bar is a great place for a great after work drink as well!

One of my favorites of the night was the pineapple with cinnamon. This comes along like the seared meats on a skewer for you to select. The pineapple also has brown sugar and it’s warm and something you didn’t even know you needed in your life. Not to mention the fresh veggie skewers that you can get with or without corn! They also have salmon cooked to perfection as well!

Here is a full plated option which doesn’t nearly include all that was offered at the salad bar:

They also have a menu for gluten free options as well! This menu is separated so you know exactly which options will be appropriate!

Desserts if you Dare

Because all of the food is eat as you please you may not have a single ounce of room for dessert. However if you do they have a wide selection of choices. I would recommend the Brazilian Trio! The Brazilian Trio consists of Brigaderio aka Brazilian fudge and condensed milk, Beijinho which is coconut and condensed milk, and walnut cream!

Also consider the açaí cream! It’s açaí blended in Häagen-Dazs vanilla icecream and served with Frangelico liqueur.

The Apple Strudel is also a great contender as well served with cinnamon icecream and caramel sauce.

So as you can see you might just want to consider coming to Tomahawk Tuesday. One, dinner is served from 530-930 with last seating at 915pm! So if you’re like me and have to wait until late to grab a meal at times this would be more ideal. Two, Tuesday is better with tomahawk cut steak and you get to relax without all of the hoopla of the weekend crowd or run around. Don’t sleep on a Tuesday because with the Tomahawk in town you might find that it’s the new turn up in Center City!

Few house keeping rules: dress is always business casual. So no flip flops and sports gear. Plus you’re going to want to dress for the ambiance of where and what you’re eating. Eating high quality food should be understood to dress accordingly.

A special thank to our waiter Jonas! Jonas you by far exceeded our expectations! You were warm, knowledgeable, and kind!

Thank you to my date of the evening, Marques! I’m sure you had an amazing time. Anytime I don’t want to cook especially on a Tomahawk Tuesday is where you and I can venture!

Thank you to all the managers, chefs and staff at Chima! Your hospitality over exceeded my expectations. You were most gracious and I definitely will be back for the amazing food, drinks, and desserts. Thank you a million times over!

Make sure to follow Chima on Instagram as you want to stay up to date with specials.

You can also as always follow me on Instagram so you can see pics not included in this blog and to follow along all of my adventures too!

Who knows you might just see me at another Tomahawk Tuesday!!!


1st Week Summer Break-The Breakdown

We all know how happy the teachers were to make sure they graced our children to us! My youngest daughter teacher even had an amazing shirt ready:

The shade of it all is that as parents we are up next! Sometimes parents are able to find wonderful camps where kids can go and have a blast all day long. Often times parents rely on family or friends or even have to just be mommy and daddy camp. No matter what it all adds up. From using more gas to get around to more food being eaten since kids tend to not eat with their school bellies when home. With that in mind I’m going to break down my first week of Summer fun. I am in a unique situation where I can work from home and be mommy camp at the same time. Half day working with the other half with my kids doing fun stuff. So that means I am also up at the crack of dawn to get it all done!

Regardless no kid should be sitting in the house all day or watching television. I like to use my working time to get them reading and doing Summer homework with math and other work to keep their mind sharp. The other half moving and grooving. I’m grateful for the ability. So what and how much did we spend week one?

Monday: Legoland Discovery Center

In the heart of Plymouth Meeting Mall is a kid’s play land of pure LEGO fun! Between the interactive ride, bounce house, laser game, 4D movies, and plenty of building stations, dance time with the LEGO characters it’s one of the best things for kids to do. Now we have season passes which initially are pricey. For a family of 5 you’re talking about around $250 off the top. However from the date of purchase to the conclusion of that years time you can come in unlimited amounts of times.

We like the season passes which we have had for 2 years because on days or rain or snow it literally provides a place where all of us enjoy going and it’s indoors. That’s a super win if you ask me! Ticket prices are between 17-40 and you also save money if you purchase online. Even if you select a time to come once you’re in you can stay and enjoy!

My kids build an enclosed fort EVERY time they come

So since we paid for these passes in the Winter we have definitely already gotten our moneys worth and out of pocket for the day was $12.78 for snacks for the ride home. They spent hours and you would think since we come so often they wouldn’t want to go but it’s not true. Legoland switches up their activities ALL the time in addition to holiday themed activities as well.

Tuesday: Barnes and Nobles and AMC Movies

So my goal was to attend story time at Barnes and Nobles however epic fail on my part. We left at 9 to attend but I had the wrong time and it began at 11 and not 10 as I thought. Once I discovered the mishap I adjusted by letting the kids walk around and play and read. My oldest had a gift card so she bought several items. We also was informed that Barnes and Nobles has a Summer reading challenge of reading 8 books, keeping record and having a parent sign off to obtain a brand new book with no purchase necessary. That is a great add to their already tight reading schedule and book reports due in the Fall. Story time is free FYI! Check your local Barnes and Nobles for time and don’t do like I did!

AMC has Tuesdays movies all for $5! Any movie all day Tuesday for $5! We elected to see Secret Life of Pets 2! Without giving out any spoilers-it was super good!!!! They also have a special for $5 you can get a medium icee and a small popcorn! So movies for 4=$20 with snacks $15.87!! Tuesday total is $35.87! Afterward we went to the park and park is free and I was able to work out while they played along with their studies meant a great nights sleep!

Wednesday: Slow Down and Ritas Water Ice

So Wednesday I needed to get my car situated and then that fell through! I also elected to do more work. This meant study time and indoor home movie. They also were rewarded with a trip to Rita’s as well as play time at a park! Rita’s was $20.21 and for next week I have coupons to help make that amount even smaller. If you get coupons in the mail always clip them and keep them on you. I’ll be able to cut that Rita’s trip to about half of that and everyone will have their smiles!

Thursday: Free for All

We did things like bubbles, races, coloring contest, jump ropes and studies. All of these items can be purchased at the dollar store. We already had them on deck. I tried them out that instead of them staying up they went to sleep without issue. It’s always good to have these items on deck. You want to be sure that the whole we are bored never comes in. I am an 80s baby so we were outside and played where kids want to be on their tablets and phones. My kids do those things too but we have always incorporated old school fun into their lives. You can spend 10-20 on must haves and keep them in a bin ready to go on slow days. Today for today: free!

Friday: Swim Day-Greater Plymouth Community Center

So we decided to make the first day of Summer as swim day. The weather was patchy all week. We definitely made sure we went to our go to indoor pool at Greater Plymouth Community Center! Instead of getting the daily pass of 12 per person we elected to get the monthly pass and paid $75! This gives us from the date of purchase to that date next month unlimited access to the pools 7 days a week. Even if we go 3 days a week it’s still saved us money in the long run!

The pool is always clean and the staff is amazing. They have family dressing areas and showers so I’m able to keep us all together! Snacks on the way home from Dunkin Donuts was 18.31. Total for today is 93.31! A bit pricey up front but will make the weeks cheaper in the long run!

How do I plan to cut cost even further? I bought reusable pouches from Amazon to fill with juices. These are like Capri Sun so that I can pack them and my own snacks for when we go to the park and other snack carrying locations. 100 pouches that are reusable with straws that I plan on using for kids and adult themed drinks is a great save! They cost about $20.99. So I added them in the cost for this week! You can get them here:

Kiddie pouches

Grand Totals:

12.78 for snacks at Legoland

35.87 for movies and snacks

20.21 Rita’s water ice

75 pool

18.31 snacks for ride home

20.99 for reusable juice boxes/bags

=183.16 for 3 kids and one adult and a week of fun, movement, education, and adventure!!!!

Next week I hope to spend lower than that and I’ll break it down! Even if your kids are in camp and you need some ideas for getting them out the house I would look into what your city has to offer. Keep in mind this is without going to the library that I plan to add next week. In addition I have free bowling passes due to Bowling with Kids that offers them 2 free games and cost $4 for shoe rental. There are activities that are free in the city or surrounding counties. All of this can be done by planning and researching options. Summer is going to be a blast without blasting out the bank account! Everyday is an adventure.

Also save money by planning around lunch. Feed them breakfast and lunch at home and cut cost on snacks by bringing your own food when you can is a life saver!

Catch as I update this week’s breakdown on next Monday or Tuesday! Let’s see if I can get that $183 down. What are you doing for fun! Also my weekends are just as fun and we always do it on a budget!!

Monday Motivation: Create your Passions

I find it amazing to see people who don’t have perfect worlds but do all they can to create their own happiness and lanes where they have complete control to be above situations. Creating new waves or lanes. Sometimes the best treasures come from people who just create even when they don’t have all of the right equipment but start anyway and improve along the way!

Not everyone has clear pathways of creativity but in some forms can work towards it. If you are a writer find a way to use creativity and write. I’ve been a writer for most of my life. Blogging is a way to utilize my creativity. Owning my blog page is the way to have complete creative control on what is written. When I first began I had one of the free sites. However with me owning the blog I don’t have limitations on space as I’ve written over 1000 blogs in 4 years. I don’t have limitations on what I choose to write either.

No different if you have a gift like hair braiding or public speaking these are things you can utilize to find a way to own your gifts and monetize it in some way. I have friends who can bake better than most and they are using their gifts to make money and do what they love. It doesn’t matter the age, young folks have tapped into a market of their own. You have to be able to find or create your own lane. If a market doesn’t exist you can always kick in the door and create one too.

I know that the way this world is set up it’s always good to have talents and gifts to use. Ownership is the key and yet you can work a full time or part time to finance your dreams at the same time. Anything you do is going to require consistency and hard work. It’s not always pretty when the plan comes together but there are moments when you try something-fail. Initiate something-fail. Get a good run-fail. Have backing-fail. Have support-fail. But with all great plans comes rejection and sometimes failure.

When I first blogged, I had people coming to me: oh you misspelled a word. I would change it. I never got mad but I still noticed when I would have people say maybe this isn’t your thing? Maybe you could find another channel of communication. I never let them stop me no matter how irritated I was. It could have been a fail the first year had I listened. When I stepped out from trying to be so perfect it naturally on its own popped! It doesn’t matter if I blog in my natural voice meaning blog it straight up no chaser or I tap into my years of writing and give it to proper. My goal is to be authentic to have life moves.

Did you know that even though I get invited to the table to attend events and go places that gets me around the right crowds I still get family members who say, “oh why did they choose you?” I’m like what? Now when they have high moments I’m supposed to rally behind them and celebrate their moments?! That’s the frustration of doing what you love. When it doesn’t benefit someone else but they see you pushing through it’s “what makes you so great.” However do something where you can help another person and then it’s “hey let me tag along.” “How much did you get paid.”

Creativity also means that you need to always have built in self care. It’s a lot of movement to step out and make things work. While you’re making it all work, you can get caught up. Having support and doing as much self care will be vital as your gift “makes room for you.” Meaning your gift is natural and often times gets the attention of those around you. Staying centered and utilizing discernment is vital!

What did you always want to do but haven’t? What do you want to create but you waiting a thousand years to do? What are you naturally a star in? Who has done it before you that can mentor you? Are you daily doing one thing in the gifts you have? What are you willing to sacrifice to get it? How bad do you want it?

Answer these questions and leap today! Leap and work! Leap and be prepared to lose somethings you probably needed to give up but wouldn’t. Leap and let the love of your gift carry you. Take breaks when necessary and practice self care, but leap!

Sunday Message: Change is good

Sometimes we fight change. It sounds good to say change is great but to actually go through it hurts at times. You have to be willing to go through change and when it gets tough don’t quit.

In the beginning of change it feels good and you’re super focused. Then about mid way through tiredness creeps in. You ask yourself why and if you haven’t been reminding yourself why or surrounding yourself with folks that push you towards change you may get weak enough to consider quitting.

  • Feeling weak and wanting to quit is not an issue but letting it stop you is a real problem! Often times we quit right around the time when change is about to take its proper place. Be encouraged today!! Change isn’t just something you speak about but you also have to walk in it! It’s hard to keep focus when you hang with the same crowds. Change your mind and change your circle naturally! No one who isn’t about to change will stay around you too much longer!
  • This Sunday is a new set of a new week! Take the time to change what didn’t work last week and apply change to it this week!
  • Sending great vibes!!
  • Ask Toi: How do I deal with my family/friend’s who heard I told the therapist about some past issues?

    It’s easy to a point. Unless your therapist who is licensed revealed it to them, the only way they could have found out is you shared it with someone and that someone shared it with others and it became a domino effect. So who did you tell that you thought you could trust?

    It’s important for all of us to understand that therapy is one a great tool in life. I was always raised to keep your “business in house.” There is some truth to it except when things that are being done or said hurts you physically, mentally, or emotionally. Often times we are told to keep things inside the home because we don’t see the benefit in therapy or asking for help is seen as a weakness. Neither is true. Asking for help is strength and therapy has benefits like decluttering your mind and heart and healing.

    In therapy people expect to come out smiley and happy when often times you are super sad or tired. If you were vulnerable after leaving therapy and spoke to someone about it, you may have been violated. It’s important to follow your therapist words on what to do when you leave. Own what got out. It’s healing in this messy situation. It will be painful because the others of whom you spoke about feel a sense of violation especially if what was said was never brought to them first.

    We all have to remember even in great situations even when less trauma is present there will be someone who will sit and talk to a therapist about you. We all have hurt someone or been hurt. The bandaid for your friends and family have been ripped off. In the long run this could help you. Speak to your therapist to help you through this. Do not let the guilt stop you from going. You need your therapist more now than ever. Allow honesty to take precedence. In the end and with time the relationships that can be mended will be. Don’t be surprised when you hear words of discouragement. Those same people will be caught off guard and may demean that the situation as you remember it even took place. Understand that and allow the revelations to come forth so you can heal.

    Healing isn’t linear so during this process you may go through anger, pain, confusion, sadness, and peace. Also check whomever told your business and mark them. This person knew you were vulnerable and betrayed you. Although no matter what is said was bound to come out it should have been done on your terms.

    I wish you peace in this situation but know it will work out the way it needs to. Be honest. Be clear. Let healing come from this!

    Monday Motivation: Unhealthy Advice

    Now this is not about someone telling you that you can diet by eating McDonalds alone although there are some who live like it. This is about receiving advice from unhealthy individuals and you don’t need it. Advice comes from everywhere. That’s the world we live in. From television ads to “reality” television advice is free and all over the place. You have to be super careful where and from whom you take advice.

    Let me give you an example. As I continue to maintain a healthy body I had someone (true story) tell me oh but your arms are super big. Maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t. It was completely ok for someone to have an opinion of my body. (Enter sarcastic eye roll) The interesting point was this came from someone who is very visually overweight. Someone who doesn’t have self control obey what they ate. Someone who says time and time again how they need to lose weight but do absolutely nothing daily. No walks, eats whatever and then complains later-just pure nothing.

    Does that mean that even with their unhealthy lifestyle they can’t see my “big” arms? Nope. It means that their unhealthy advice can be received with a grain of salt. Yes with a side eye. They can see and speak what they wish but they would be best teacher once they have walked in the obedience of their own words. Sometimes people tell you things from places they are unwilling to walk. They can call your laziness out in an area but dash quick past their own. If I wasn’t strong I would have been beating myself up over a comment from someone who not only won’t show their own arms, legs or any other body part but at the end of the day will continue to mirror an unhealthy lifestyle while focusing their attention on me.

    I came to the conclusion that me doing what I need to do for my body speaks to the part of them that won’t do the work. Can you receive advice on marriage from someone who’s marriage has super bombed? Yes you can. But make sure that that person giving the advice is being an active participant in their lives especially where they give it. Take the advice but mark them in your mind so you don’t let it over take you.

    There are people telling people things daily. You have to be careful the vessels by which the delivery is coming from. I couldn’t have a personal trainer that was overweight. So why do we take advice from folks we don’t respect in the walk of life that they give it. Someone who isn’t working out or watching what they eat and is unhealthy by all accounts can’t give advice on health and then say I know I need to do it. Sometimes they just wanted to be mean spirited to knock you.

    When I was growing up I had someone I respected tell everyone about marriage and relationships and then they did the opposite of what they spoke and lived. I stopped accepting their advice. I no longer needed to feel as if they had the blueprint. Can your ideas change? Yes absolutely but they never accepted the fact that they switched up out of convenience that it no longer suited their immediate need. They wanted the same level of respect that they once had and that shipped sailed.

    Do not let unhealthy people dictate your life choices. It’s more than the health of their body. People who speak ill will theses others, gossipers, etc all of those things that we know isn’t right take stock and be strong in yourself to strive to be better daily. Sometimes we let the folks with the most minimal drive have a front row of your admiration due to title that don’t need it. Watch who you make an idol. Watch who you hold on the top spot of your life. If your spouse for example downs you daily but you love them and you take that-don’t. Their title says that should be better in how they treat you but you don’t have to take verbal and emotional abuse to protect them or to avoid being alone.

    At work the top boss can be the boss but if they are known for tearing their team down and that messes with daily mental health-it’s time to leave. You don’t have to sit in the parking lot crying or willing yourself home because others around them shine a bright light on who they are. Don’t take in their junk daily because their known or are known to make work stars if you take the junk that comes along.

    I had an ex boss who was super awful to others. Told everyone how women needed to wear makeup. He would make comments about their clothes. In today’s standards he would be the perfect candidate for the Me Too campaign. He was a pig of a man. Yet people would switch up their outfits and take his advice and reality he was a womanizer and was a trash of a husband. Sorry not sorry. He would talk badly to his wife and thankfully she left him. He ended up losing everything. He was super unhealthy and a jerk but people danced around him and took in what he has to say. Why?

    Stop getting used to raggedy people giving raggedy advice based on their unhealthy life. I would rather take advice from someone who is failing and getting up daily because they are trying than someone who is walking around in perfect town making full messes of other people’s lives including their own but telling someone things they aren’t willing to do! Let’s be clear we aren’t talking about perfection. You can be perfectly flawed but working at your best potential. However the unhealthy who put no work into themselves but use their time to demean, point out, and engage in unhealthy behaviors towards others!

    This Monday deal with why you take in lessons from certain folks. Be clear in your teachers of life-even me I’m not exempt. Start living life on your own terms. Be careful to not take on other people’s advice when they aren’t willing to walk in the light of what they give. In 2019 there is no more do what I say but don’t worry about what I do or don’t!

    Let’s clean out the idols and make sure our own anchors hold. It’s more important to be mentally well and emotionally strong. Remember we are all trying to be our best everyday but don’t let someone who outright has no respect for themselves and others around them take so much stock into what you do for your own life. Let’s start this Monday off right!!

    xoxo Moongirl

    Nicole Burgio. A woman who could be called helpless, defeated, jaded yet she is resilient, strong, and pushing through a life of chaos, pain, and violence. We sometimes live in our mini worlds overtaken by our own experiences. We interact with one another based on those experiences and don’t realize that our past definitely defines us only if we allow it. There is beauty in pain when you embrace it and use it to evoke change.

    I attended xoxo: Moongirl at their opening show. If you remember I attended Communitas a few weeks prior. This was more raw than that show. It’s suggested for ages 13 and up. I might add upping the age to about 15 due to violent themes.

    Nicole used magic, and acrobatic technique to show points of pain. The pain of knowing your mother was being beat by the hand of her father. The pain again feeling hopeless even after reaching adulthood. Why? Why can’t she take back this power? People sometimes only focus on the immediate dangers of violence in the home. Once you escape you think the journey has ended but does it?

    How can you not be in a home and show signs of anxiety, hurt, distrust? Do you gravitate towards the same toxic behavior that you know is wrong but fine yourself in over and over again?! It sounds so deep and heavy and it should be to a point. You can’t sit and not be uncomfortable. However in the uncomfortable feeling there is still beauty. Healing isn’t linear. It’s an up and down path. It’s high one day like Nicole in her acrobat stance and low like Nicole in a anxious fit.

    I left in peace. I left feeling hopeful. Yes you can encounter someone’s pain and still feel at peace watching them go up and down in their journey.

    Domestic violence happens daily. 1 in every 4 women will experience violence from an intimate partner according to National Domestic Violence Hotline

    Nicole is using her powerful story while utilizing her skills in the most provocative and informational way. We need to scream it out so friends can stop turning a blind eye to their abuser friends. We need to speak it so we can stop acting like it’s just a thing that happened in the past. There may be a few in your inner circle covering up the horror. The shame alone holds people in bad relationships where violence is the way to bind them to their partner.

    There’s a way for you to see this performance:

    • Saturday, June 15, 3 p.m.

    • Saturday June 15, 8 p.m.

    • Sunday, June 16, 3 p.m.

    • Monday, June 17, 7 p.m.

    • Wednesday, June 19 7 p.m.

    • Thursday, June 20, 7 p.m.

    • Thursday, June 20, 9 p.m.

    • Friday, June 21, 8 p.m.

    • Saturday, June 22, 3 p.m.

    • Saturday, June 22, 8 p.m.

    • Sunday, June 23, 7 p.m.

    You can purchase tickets here

    You might be saying well I would love to come but none of the above show times fit my schedule, how can I still donate or help?

    I can help you! This amazing show is also on its way to Edinburgh. That’s right and they could use some help getting there. Right now they have a donor that is willing to match so that means your one donation will go twice as far. One thing about theatre is that it takes the support of the community! Let’s donate here!

    I encourage all to come out and show Nicole and Mel Hsu who single handedly provided live music accompaniment. Mel’s voice is pure amazement and I loved hearing her.

    So let’s take some time to flood Funicular Station located at 416 Coulter Street with love. Get out and see xoxo: Moongirl and learn, engage, enjoy a little magic as Nicole travels to the Moon to gain strength and let’s stand up to pain and turn it into a thing of beauty!!

    To learn more about Almanac Dance Circus Theatre, click here!