Parx Casino: You and Me Christmas Tour LeAnn Rimes

So I love LeAnn Rimes. I think her voice is amazing and just watching her evolve as an artist has been really amazing to see. Last night I got the opportunity to see her at her Christmas concert and I just loved it.

First let me thank Parx Casino for inviting me and allowing me the hospitality. Some of the best attentive staff. They take great care with their patrons.


This is an Italian restaurant located inside Parx Casino! I’m talking about fresh breads, Italian sausages, fresh pasta-the works. I enjoyed my time and I must say that Oliveto does an amazing job of making each patron feel special!

Also I love sparkling wine and they made sure my cup was full!!

Kalie Shorr

Kalie is an American country singer who started doing covers at the age of 13 years old on YouTube. Listen don’t knock any opportunity to do YouTube covers. Some of the most successful have used YouTube as an amazing platform! She bursted on the scenes in 2016 with her hit “Fight like a Girl!” She’s been names one to watch amongst other awards by country’s best.

What I loved most beyond what she’s accomplishing is that she’s humble. I listened to her tell her story about her single mom and how she didn’t have much but they had love. You can hear her sincerity when she talks about her humble beginnings. It resonated with me being a product of a single mom myself. I was able to meet her last night and talk to her. She’s beautiful, down to Earth, and I just love her vibe! Oh and she can sang! I spelled or correctly. It’s one thing to be able to sing and another to sang! She sang!

LeAnn Rimes

Thank you LeAnn for putting on one amazing show! She let it be known that she had gotten sick and even that morning she has no voice. Growing up in church it was common for singers to say they were sick. It’s like a prerequisite in case your voice isn’t as strong. Now her sick voice is amazing. My mom is a choir director and I and my family sings-her sick voice is really good.

The concert was changed a bit to accommodate. It was peaceful, beautiful, and brilliant. LeAnn please incorporate more of the set like Philadelphia received in the future shows! Oh and I know it was a Christmas tour but the whole time I’m sitting there like please sing “How do I Live.” And guess what? She sang it! Oh I was over the moon. She also sang “Can’t Fight the Moonlight!” So yes I was over the top happy. Let me say LeAnn is stunning!! That white she wore was amazing!! LeAnn’s musical reach is to all types of crowds. I sat in front of some older ladies who kept me laughing. They were on their feet the entire time. We had the best conversation. I love speaking to seasoned women because they have the best stories to tell. If you ever have a question on life talk to a seasoned woman she will tell you real and won’t sugar coat it like a girlfriend might!

Thank you Parx Casino and Aversa PR for the invite. Thank you Kalie and absolutely thank you LeAnn for a magical Christmas night. Thank you for reminding us to look at our blessings, love ourselves more, and extend love to others!!!!

Also for a snippets of the concert, go to my Instagram stories! I am not one for posting full concerts but you can hear the amazing voices of the evening!

Remember if you love to gamble and want to go to a state of the arts location, Parx Casino is the place to be. They have the best full size restaurants as well as the amazing Sportsbook lounge!

Thanksgiving Message 2019

You should know I’ll give you a Thanksgiving holiday run down tomorrow after I have a full day with my family. Until then I want to take the time to simply be grateful!

I get that often times we make Thanksgiving too cliche but at the end of the day being about gratefulness is not an issue no matter how the day is titled! I would rather wake up in continued daily gratitude over negativity any day!! I’m grateful for being on this Earth and having the opportunity to be there for my family. A little known fact is that I am the Mom who loves to dote on her family. I love making memories with them. Nothing means more to me more than them.

I’m grateful for the ability to do what I love. Blogging is a passion. Blogging is an outlet. Blogging is about stretching out and being vulnerable. Being a lifestyle blogger, I find for me talking about events only doesn’t cut. I am always making sure I mention the vulnerability of what life brings. Not just the good but the difficult challenges that someone thinks they are alone in when in reality we are all connected. We all have felt rejected, upset, down, and less than our perfect self. These are the moment I include. Life isn’t packaged in a bow it can be messy, awkward, and dissatisfying.

I’m grateful for the loved ones who past on in my family that I even had a few moments with them. I want to send love to my family as this is the first year without our Aunt Teenie!

I’m grateful for all of you who rock with me. It’s not something I take for granted at all!

Spend some time today being clear on your why!!! What are you grateful for? What brings you joy? Who is apart of that smile you wear? What makes you flourish? Be grateful for that and continue the walk of becoming better versions of yourself!

Help in Our Own Community

What do you have a mix of community service, 31 consultant, and hygiene kits? You have Crystal Capetillo. Taking on a mission of her own she’s making hygiene kits for those who are displaced.

I personally remember when I was younger and we went into a shelter. It’s one of those moments that keep me grounded. Not knowing what each day would bring was a bit unnerving. However I have to shout out my mom who made sure to keep us clean and put together. Apart of doing that had to come from having hygiene products. Being displaced you have to have a short list of items and not much in bulk to prevent others from taking from you.

Crystal is helping in those regards. What started as a project with World Vision through being a 31 Consultant has turned into a mission to help those in her own community right here in Philadelphia. Crystal along with Erica of whom I’ve interviewed and a team from Bethel Church will lead this charge!

Now here’s how we can help. These kits take time and money. The World Vision kite cost $16. After acquiring the kits they need to be put together. Crystal is in need of both. You can donate for the kits as well as help put together your kit. But there’s one last portion, each kit comes with a hand written letter or note. That made me smile because of someone being displaced that doesn’t mean that they are below humanity.

I watched my mom cry when she thought I was sleep. I know as a mom I couldn’t imagine what she was feeling as she watched over us at night! Having a hand written note letting her know she’s loved and never give up could mean the world of difference!

I personally stand behind this mission of Crystal and will be helping to assemble these kits. I’m asking if you’re able to consider donating by gifting towards her PayPal!!

I can’t wait to see the kits go to fruition and be given to those who need it!!

Day 14 Self Care September Challenge

Today I went to pick up my son’s birthday cake from Domestic Goddess Bake Shop! Even in the years that we don’t do a party for each child we still make sure that we have something special just for them! She surpassed my expectations! My son is a Spider-Man super fan! She kept to the theme and I wanted to focus on the webs! She did a great job!

When I walked in the house and he saw it he lost it! He had no idea I was getting him a cake! One thing about being a mom is being able to see the smiles on my kids face.

The Make Up Date

So I was alerted to an event at King of Prussia Bloomingdales! It was a make up event and it was everything I didn’t know what I needed. I think next year I will invite a few friends. I loved it! I loved the way we were treated. We were greeted by Prosecco and mixed drinks! Talk about a way to start the day!

Also they had pastries of all sorts available! I thoroughly enjoyed it! My first stop was to get a prize out of the makeup gift vending machine. After that my eyebrows needed threaded! The way I was looking Lawd a mercy!!

Shout out to Callen Hunter who answered the call of these wayward brows!! Check her out if you are in or near the Philly area! She hands down did an amazing job!!

We had a little issue in line. One of the patrons decided to jump the line. It wasn’t funny but funny because the young ladies I met and had quickly befriended got her altogether. I found out she was the mother of the make up artist, Kelli who slayed and beat my face. We will come back to that in a minute. You ever meet someone who just makes you feel so warm?! That’s what Kelli’s mom made me feel!

Next stop was to get my lashes done by Fifty Two Cosmetics! These young ladies are doing it big and not just with their lashes! They were sweet and answered my questions and they were so good they were moving through that line!

I had one personal goal and that was to buy a new foundation. I wanted it from Bobbi Brown and their long wear full coverage smelled good and did what I needed! It was light and refreshing! I bought it after Kelli whipped me into shape!

Can we take a moment to say yasss to the back drop by slays display!!! Who doesn’t loce a good clean Instagram background?

I was tired but headed to Evil Genius 8th birthday block party! Penn State was playing!! We Are!! They won by the way!!!! Anyway I had their “The Gang turns 8!” It was really good! Evil Genius is known for silly names but serious drinks! I saw ace throwing games, fried icecream, and good fun!!

I had a full day! The thing I paid attention was having fun! I needed this fill day to myself! Sometimes self care looks like having a day. I combined my love of being dolled up, blogging events, drinks, and solitude into one full scoop!

What are your go today? What makes you feel full, honored, and whole? Do that and do it often!!

The Joy of Running

I started running when I was at least in Junior High School. It was largely due to me having “them running legs” as everyone called them. I was tall and skinny and at least looked like I had the potential to be athletic. I joined a local team and they trained me. I fell in love! I found myself running for sport and I enjoyed it. Fast forward to now. I picked up running again in the last 2 years to help maintain my weight but running became much more!

In “The Joy of Running” arranged by Jackie Corley it breaks down a runner’s heartbeat. As an adult with a family my reason for running has changed. The “Joy” of running isn’t just for weight maintenance anymore. If that was the case I would have fallen off a long time ago. Joy in running is beyond the moment when the happiness falls. Happiness in running wains in about the first 3 miles. The pain of running kicks in you need Joy pushing behind you. During my 4 am wake up calls where I’m alone and no one to push; Joy kicks in.

I love when David Bedford says:

Running is a lot like life. Only 10 percent of it is exciting. 90 percent of it is slog and drudge.

He’s referring to life in this quote. “The Joy of Running” breaks down how running affects a person’s whole being. Unlike my junior high running has a more intimate meaning. I talk to God and go over my life when my feet hit the ground. I take on life’s stressors when I hit the ground. I take on all of my inconsistencies when I hit the ground!

Monte Davis says:

Running long and hard is an ideal antidepressant, since it’s hard to run and feel sorry for yourself at the same time. Also there are hours of clearheadedness that follow a long run.

I practice self-care and self preservation on the ground when I run every single time. There’s not one time when something has been on my heart or mind that running hasn’t allowed me to figure it out or give me peace that it can’t be worked out.

“The Joy of Running” is a runner’s reminder of remember your why. I dedicate to leaving this book by my bed. It’s usually where a runner’s biggest struggle comes from. If I wake up and get up even if my time is slow or my miles low; I showed up for myself and “The Joy of Running” pushed my spirit to hear herself!

I highly recommend this book and if you or someone you love stresses a desire to run-gift them this book! It’s a collection of love letters as I call tjem to a runner’s soul! A runner would understand and align themselves back to the “Joy” and their why!

To get your own copy you can get it here!

Week 5: Storr Summer Adventures

Well this week was a bit slow. I got what I thought was a sinus infection and my oldest had a Summer cold! So laid a bit not this week! We still had fun! So heres is how we ended up with a messy situation but ate well and spent time recovering for our Hershey Park trip! A total of 56.28 was spent!


Mondays are always uneasy! It was also national gummi bear day so we decided to do an ice-cream gummi bear dessert to celebrate. I love gummi bears and being Vegan didn’t have to miss out! With non dairy ice-cream and vegan gummies I was still winning! I had the Chunky Monkey ice-cream in house! I bought the kids Sour Patch ice-cream and gummi bear materials for $10.78!


We definitely kept it indoors as the heat was picking up and went to GPCC indoor swimming! Who didn’t need to cool off last week in Philadelphia?! We had a great time as usual! We grabbed snacks on the way for $12.00!


I find that these are low days and I secretly love them! I had an event so the kids hung out with family! I was able to get work done and attend the Philly Influencer Mixer which has brands come and meet Influencers and bloggers to work with! It’s an amazing way to network! Thank you to Davida for being our fearless leader! Follow especially Philadelphia bloggers or influencers as a Fall Mixer is up next and you want to be in the building!


We got our and about! I had my physical with my doctor! I’m happy to announce that I’m in great health! My doctor is over the moon with my numbers. I encourage everyone to see about their health physically and emotionally!! I feel my best when I take for me! It’s not just about working out or just food it’s about the total mental health too. Doing what I love makes me complete! While there I was able to visit my old co-workers! We went to lunch and the kids got McDonald’s! Total was $12.71! I had the new plant based bowl at Qdobo for $10.79! We were going to go bowling but traffic was at an all time high so we made slime! To all of my parents you already know my plight!! But…..they had a blast! Materials were $10!!


It was entirely toooo hot but we also needed to get ready for the weekend Hershey Park trip since we were doing an overnight trip! So that meant cleaning, packing, and laundry! We also elected to do shaving cream art and keep things a bit messy! Armed with shaving cream and food coloring we had an amazing time!

I know if we hadn’t had a few sicknesses this week we would have been out and about more but with the way the heat was set up and the way our air conditioning bill has been we should never leave so we can feel like we are getting your money worth!

This week is already adventurous! We added a new activity for the week! I’ll highlight it next week!

Monday Motivation: Petty Bettys

You may experience a Petty Betty in all kinds of areas like work and home. They come out of the woodwork to try your patience. Do not let them take you off your course. They tend to be super draining and always taking. They take your time, money, energy, and sometimes focus if you give it to them.

I would love to say press pass them like it’s always easy and any hardship with a Petty Betty is all in your mind and something you are putting too much of an emphasis on and it isn’t serious. However the truth is they are too much. They are taxing and they do weigh on you. For example you get up to go to work and every time you clock in if not sooner Petty Betty is waiting in the wings of the door with a gambit of negativity. You feel like you’re playing Mortal Combat mentally with her or a Petty Bob daily. The smile you once had in the parking lot is gone. The prayer that willed you into the building feels in vain.

However trust me Petty Betty and Petty Bob are all around. They actually help to make you better in dealing with difficult situations. I know some as soon as a Petty Betty encounter is longer than they imagined they want to leave a job, a relationship, a new business, etc.

If you run from a Petty Betty every time something happens you might as well sleep in running shoes. Be direct with a Petty Betty. Sometimes that’s enough for them to get the message. You can’t be passive aggressive with a Petty Betty and expect results. They thrive off your low balling behavior. If you keep pretending it’s all good, what would be their incentive to leave you alone?

Take this Monday to get clarity on what you are willing to tolerate and what you aren’t. Put checks and balances where you need them. Be definitive when you speak and clear in your actions. Don’t find yourself wanting what Petty Betty or Bob has but not wanting to deal with them. Make the lines clear. If they are just coworkers stop inviting them around your home and giving false sense of acceptance when you don’t want to deal with them. Don’t use them as a work buddy when you plan on talking about them to the other coworker later down the line. Stop playing the fence with Petty Betty and Bob in real life and they will stop playing Jenga with your emotions and life in return!

Have a great Monday and nip foolishness in the bud! Be clear when you speak and deal with those in your life. It makes a world of difference!