What to do in Your Weekends to Prepare For Your Upcoming Week?

Weekends if you work a Monday-Friday type of job should be used to get your mind right, spend time with family and friends and have a break from the mundane.  If you are an entrepreneur you know there is no such thing as a day off, work is all the time.  If you are in the nursing field or are the type that has to be in public office such police, fire etc then time off is a blessing.  Regardless when its time to break, break! Overworking even if it’s for yourself is crazy.  None of that money you will take with you.  So learn to balance your life so you can make a little living and be here to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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What you should be doing is simple:

  1. Relaxing-yes this is not a curse word.  Relaxing.  I used to try to jam pack so much into the weekend and slowly I am learning that less is best.  I don’t need each second filled with something to do.  I do need to find activities that everyone needs in my house but more specifically I selfishly need to make sure I am good to.
  2. Rest-I have 3 kids  and a pretty busy schedule and used to feel super guilty about taking a nap or going to bed early or resting.  This is human nature and a right. Take it.  Do not feel guilty.  Crawl in that bed, put your feed up, get your rest and get some sleep.  Successful people know how to turn it up and they know when to turn it down.
  3. Renew your mind-you see the pattern. It starts with choices and you must make a choice to renew. Some people go to church or other spiritual filling exercise.  Some do yoga.  Whatever you choose and there are plenty of choices do it and do it regularly.
  4. Plan and work their plan. Sometime I sit and look at the week before and find out how I could have done things differently.  It could be something as simple as making snacks bags the day before whatever it is find it, do it.  Any time saved is enough to shave off stress throughout the week.  This is why my crock pot is sacred.  Shout out to my husband who got me 2.  I ain’t hardly mad. I will turn them both on and that’s at least 2-4 days worth of food per crock pot meal.
  5. Have some fun.  I mean my goodness let your hair down a little. Grab you some adult juice or a mocktail.  Go find a party and dance or create a party right at home.  Do you know how many times a dance party for me and the kids has been a workout and fun?  Plenty.  Lighten up.
  6. Go on an outing. Please do not tell me about how broke you are.  Broke is a mindset.  Yes your account could have cobwebs but be inventive.  Do you know how strong my Google fingers are?  Hella strong.  The amount of free I have found could hurt someone’s feelings. Get out. Go to the park and get some fresh air.  The winter is tricky times but can find something to do.  Even doing some walking around at the malls on a rainy day is fun. FYI, the malls and movie theatres are the most busy during these times.
  7. Create.  I find that I use my Pintrest the most on the weekends or sometimes during the end of the week to find activities that are super fun, cheap, and did I say fun?  Yes there are somethings for everyone.  You could have a movie in night where you invite another family. Make it fun by creating cute little movie themed snacks, and it can be simple and rewarding.

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Whatever you plan to do this weekend-actually do.  I hate going into work and people talk about how boring their weekend was.  I am thinking to myself, they themselves may just be boring people.  Life is about living. Get out and find out what life has to offer. There are a thousand events to go to, things to do, places to be. Whatever it is get out there and find them!

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Monday, Nope Not Today!

You ever have one of them days where things go left but you’re trying to press anyway. That is the day that I had this morning.  I say had because in writing this I am releasing that negative energy into positive right now. Like at first I had to really consider if my job or life was worth a blow up.  Obviously for good reasons I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t.

Let me say that as a wife and mother, this job is not for the faint of heart.  To keep 5 people in order and make sure everyone has what they need is a lot.  I decided that I need me some me time.  I have been running around for everyone.  I can’t tell you the last time I took some solid hours to do my happy things like a long uninterrupted shower where little hands don’t come in, read my magazines or just zone out and get some rest.  However I know that if I don’t soon make it a priority my name is going to be Toi Kaboom.  So that is the first thing on the agenda tonight is some much-needed ToiTime all pun intended.

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So let me tell you how it began.  I woke up early today and decided to finish putting the laundry away.  Why not?  Then I began to get agitated because everyone in the house was sound asleep. I said let me reset my morning and get it right.  Then I get to work after a good drop off with the younger kids and my purse literally got stuck in the elevator. I am on the elevator with several other co-workers going on to the top floor so I can ride it all the way back to the bottom to hit the side door release and go back to my job on the 2nd. So if I wasn’t agitated I definitely am now.  I am embarassed.  I want to say some choice words.  They are swirling all in my head.  I thought why didn’t I take a day?! What is this? Some movie?  Who gets their purse strap stuck in the door? Like Lord, am I being punked?

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So when you allow and don’t check your spirit you literally invite all kinds of negativity into your life.  It wasn’t just the purse.  It was a lot of unchecked issues that I haven’t been able to bring up.  A lot of running around on my parent.  I had to have gotten the most interesting students come in at my job.  I felt like I had to reset myself several times so I could be who I needed to be to each of them separately instead of collectively.  So I am trying to get myself together and now I am about to blow.  I took a walk.  I got focused.  I prayed.  I watched a funny video of my 2-year-old who didn’t go to bed until like 1am.  I took responsibility for my actions and made it right.  Does that mean my day won’t continue to look whacky?  We know the answer is wrong but I can at least regain my emotions and still have joy.  I can still simply not just go through the day.  I decided to spend some time doing the things I enjoy while I take care of my responsibilities.  I am making my responses to my day correct.

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So if you had remember that word had, a wacky Monday like mine started, reset, release and readjust yourself and make it what you want.  The power we have in our tongue and mind is amazing in its own right.  Turn it around.