How to Catch Creation

I had the honor of being invited to attend the opening show of How to Catch Creation. I actually withheld reading any reviews, or any the media write-up before hand because I love coming in without any thoughts of what to expect before hand. I was pleasantly surprised of this production. First of all the set was magnificent. I grew up in theatre so sets matter to me. Secondly the cast looked like me. I loved seeing all of the representation of pretty brown faces.  Third, the play captured my attention and gave me a whirlwind of surprises some subtle and some knocking me over.

Let me give honor to whom honor is due by saying that How to Catch Creation is coming off the acclaimed Kilroy’s list.  It’s a play about discovering legacy as well as what it means to create and how creation shifts during periods of life. Creation takes many forms from art, life, relationships, and how all of the loops come together. As a creator myself it definitely spoke to the hills and lows of life and watching my own work take dips according to what may or may not have taken off.

Christina Anderson, playwright, did an amazing job on capturing the experience of black queer feminist writer and how through her life, life has taken on turns that end up bringing the most unexpected people to unite. When you see the connection I found myself holding back in the audience try not to mess it up for someone who might not have. I laughed so hard during this play.  I loved at moments when the audience interacted right on cue without a notion. I also loved seeing Christina Anderson herself in the audience as well as the director, Nataki Garrett. Seeing them watch their work had to be amazing.

This play is for everyone. I do love how it highlights love and heartache for same-sex relationships.  To be honest sometimes society in my opinion forgets that they have an experience like everyone else. It’s not as easy even with society beginning to open up to what it means to be apart of the LGBTQ community and also be Black.  I enjoyed hearing prior to the show from Amber Hikes who is the Executive Director of LGBT Affairs for the city of Philadelphia. I didn’t even know there was a division first of all.  I also didn’t know that are only 3 other positions in the cities of the United States like it. There is definitely a need for all of us to be aware of what our city is offering. It was great knowing that the city of Philadelphia and the Mayor’s office is representing all walks of life.

So what were some of the themes presented:

Despair, from seeing Lindsay Smiling who played Griffin, try to work his way to normality after being wrongfully accused of a crime and incarcerated for 25 years. His struggle to want to have a child of his own as he learns about his mother and her past was incredible.


Love, from Tiffani Barbour who play GK Marche a writer who falls in love with Natalie played by Shauna Miles and seeing who their love goes from incredible highs to the lows of breaking up and infidelity. Their love was priceless and unmatched until loneliness lead Natalie into the arms of another.

love one

Betrayal, Shayna Small plays Riley a young woman who has motivated her boyfriend, Stokes, played by Jonathan Bangs, who is losing his focus and rhythm.  Their beat is thrown off when Riley falls in love with Tami, played by Stephanie Weeks who is opening herself up to this forbidden love.  The beat is so off that now in order to get the rhythm back do they let go?  Do they go back to life before the betrayal? Can they co-exist?


Explosive, fun, witty, and most importantly colorful are some of the best words to describe my experience. You are not going to want to miss out on this adventure. How to Catch Creation will be playing until April 14th. You can purchase tickets which range from $10-69 by clicking here

I would strongly encourage you to see the play and take some friends or family along as well. Thank you to the Philadelphia Theatre Company for as always inviting me and treating me above well. Thank you to Kory Aversa and Aversa PR for these opportunities as well. Thank you to the amazing cast of How to Catch Creation for such a wonderful time.  You all were professional and most gracious as well after the show.  Thanks to my personal team for always helping me get to these shows and for being the best caretakers for my littles!






Gift giving guide to the men for the lady you’re dating…

Okay here we go again, we have Demetrius of Tao of Indifference here representing for the men.  Men you know you hate getting gifts for the ladies as you over think it a bit.  So here’s a guide to help you as you navigate through the process.

While the holidays can be a time for cheer, it can also be a nerve-wracking time of the year. Let’s say you’re a guy who started dating a wonderful woman, but you’re still fairly new into dating her. The holidays are right on the horizon and you’re getting anxious. Sure, you don’t have to spend 3 months worth of salary on a present, but getting nothing sends the wrong message. This is someone who you MAYBE might see yourself with down the line, so you want to impress her, but not overwhelm her. With that in mind, here’s how to pick a gift are some ideas to help you pick a gift.

First, remember that with gifts it is the thought that counts. You might be thinking that sounds cliché, but trust me, if you give a gift some thought, it will be appreciated. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t invest some money into your gift, but keep the dollar amount within a certain range. When looking to get a gift, make sure it’s a gift she’ll appreciate, not just a thing that someone told you to buy. It might be easy to buy a gift bag from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but putting some thought into your gift will go a long way. Think of what she likes and loves, and get a gift related to it. Think of your own interests, think of a gift you’d like related to those interests, and then try to consider an equivalent gift related to what she likes.

One thing you want to avoid is the practical gift. You might be thinking that a practical gift sounds good because if you’re a guy reading this, chances are you’ve got some practical gifts on your wish list. But trust me; a practical gift is not going to convey romance to your lady. Save the practical gift for a “just because” occasion. For the holidays, go with something thoughtful and maybe even something she’d never buy for herself.

As for how much to spend, well, that gets a bit tricky. You want to spend enough so that it doesn’t seem like a cheap gift, but spending too much is something you want to avoid as well. A good rule of thumb that I stick by is putting the price point of the gift right between the costs of one or two dates. If an average date costs you $100, spend somewhere between $100 and $200 on your gift. If your dates are closer to $50 dollars each, spend somewhere between $50 and $100.The money you spend on her gift should be relative to how much money you have, not a specific dollar amount.


Finally, remember that these gift ideas are for the woman in your life that you’re dating, not necessarily the woman who you’re in a long-term relationship with. If you’ve moved into the dating phase, be sure to up the price point a bit. Maybe make the money multiplier somewhere between the costs of 2 to 4 dates. If your dates are usually $100, spend $200 to $400. If you can afford to spend $50 on a date, spend somewhere between $100 to $200 on your date.

Now that I’ve given you price points, here are some basic gift ideas. They wont work for every woman, so think of how these gifts might be received: Spa packages can range anywhere from $50 to $200 and the lady in your life might enjoy some pampering. If she’s into a specific artist, see if you can get tickets to their latest show. This might get a bit pricey, but you can easily get tickets to major concerts starting under $100. If she enjoys the theater, look into getting tickets to a show that people are raving about. You can purchase same-day discounted tickets to Broadway shows at TKTS booths in NYC, and if you’re not based in NYC chances are good that your company has a discount program with ticket agents. You can buy a gift bag/basket, but make sure it’s tailored toward your lady. If you’re thinking of getting of getting a gift set, and her hair texture is coarse I’d recommend getting products from Carol’s Daughter. The price point is right around $50 for gift sets and I’ve personally purchased their products to give as gifts and highly recommend them. Avoid giving gift cards, and definitely avoid giving her cash.

Oh and finally, never, EVER, tell her how much the gift cost. It’s a gift and you want it to be received as such. Getting into the price will send the wrong message, so don’t do it.

Good Luck Out There.