Toi’s Tidbits

Okay so now that I am another year older and I’m hoping a little wiser it’s time to keep pushing towards my goals.

June is going to be a great month. I am shifting my goals from weight loss to weight maintenance. I am also looking to explore career options. No this doesn’t mean I’m quitting my day job. I love where I am but I don’t ever want to cut myself short and get comfortable. June is recommit to your New Year’s resolutions. Now not everyone has made resolutions but there should ALWAYS be some goals that you try, fail, and accomplish.

I am all for falling just as long as I fall towards my goals. Failure is real. Failure sucks. Failure hurts and burns, but at times it is necessary. I’ve failed at a million and one things. I’ve failed in relationships of all kinds, career moves, sometimes in parenting too but I still believe that ALL of it has shaped who I am.

I’ve blogged about it before but changing your atmosphere is crucial to success. Even long time relationships have to go through tests. So if you’re reading this and feeling a sense of defeat please don’t look to me as one who has it altogether. I am a TRUE work in progress. I can love hard but I can be just as cut throat when necessary. I can be patient and I can also grab my purse and give peace signs and roll before you can turn your head. I have movements where I do not like people and need my space. I can be the life of the party and struggle to even want to socialize. Everyday is different and I am constantly changing.  However one thing I will never do is box myself, allow others to box me in or lay down and take junk.

So this month as the Summer comes and people tend to be more relaxed focus on relaxing your inner being. You have things you get so hype over and you need to focus on being clear-headed and focused. You can do it and still have fun, but it’s time to shift the energy from everyone and learn to know which one to tangle yourself with. It’s time to shift from only caring about others to putting the mask over you and saving you first so you can assist someone else. It’s time to shift from what you could be into what you really want to be.

Recommit your life so you can have a life!!

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