Toi’s Tidbits

Hello August!  It’s time to focus. August is also happiness happens month.  Let me say that happiness isn’t based on a feeling. Happiness is ever-changing as you change and its an effort that is done from the inside out.  So if you’re not generally happy there are thins YOU can do not someone help you do but you do to get there.

Life happens.  We get it.  We lose and gain things on a daily basis. Never lose yourself and not find out how to gain true happiness on the core of you.  I personally was a complainer by nature.  Everything was on the heels of what others weren’t doing for me, doing to me, or doing just to get on my nerves.  The reality is I was getting on my own nerves and made changes.

I wrote down the areas where I was frustrated and attacked them.  I got tired of the excuses. This helped me in many ways.  I let go of relationships that no longer served me. It was painful I am not going to lie. I was hurting but I couldn’t let the hurt stop me.  I worked through it.  I got clear in what I wanted.  What would bring me joy.  What didn’t I like when I looked in the mirror. I began to be honest with myself and things didn’t pop into place.  They got into place when I made the first step.

I was scared.  I lashed out during the process but in the end I know for a fact that I came out on top.  So how about you?  What don’t you like or needs improvement?  Make small changes today.  They will work out in the end.  You won’t see instant results but you can see little steps towards a better future.  My life has only began to be better because I am on a road of self-love and I practice daily and changing the things around that I can and accepting what I can’t!!

What August will bring will come from YOUR self work.

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