Half Way There or Still Alive?

It’s June and we half made it to the half way mark of the year.  That means so many different things depending on where you are in your journey.  What I can say is regardless of where you are, time is waiting for no one.  We will be back to celebrating a New Year come soon.  So motivation needs to spike. We have so much to do and although we don’t have to get it all done right this second, lite a fire.

silver and gold coins

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Self Care Tips

Keep yourself first as you serve those around you.  There are days when I don’t blog because my cup needs to be reset.  I need to get my life together.  I am always honest about that.  Social media and platforms will have you thinking that only YOUR life is bad when in reality is we are all pushing through, falling, or having to be knocked down at times.  Be gentle with yourself. Stop comparing yourself to me or anyone else.  I always check my cup and I always am honest about the times when I blew it. I will be blogging more about those moments as well.  We need to know that we aren’t alone. The human spirit is constantly being fed this fake picture of perfection and reality is perfection is great to attempt to obtain but I believe in getting better not perfect.

2018 will be all you create. Sometimes it takes taking big girl or big boy steps in order to get what is yours! Do not be afraid that you don’t have enough resources, talent, or stamina to keep it all up.  You do-your gift will make room for itself!