Protecting Our Spirits

I couldn’t even wait until September to update this page.  I update this page monthly to have a place where I tell you where my focus is for the month.  However as the world gets crazier I feel like I need to remind everyone to protect their spirit.

I did an entire blog on it so check that out but here are some helpful highlights for you:

  1. Log off sometimes-social media can be a blessing and a curse.  Taking a mental time out is necessary to get yourself together.
  2. Take a break-this means not just social media but let your mind rest.  I find that pulling out a book, journaling, praying, or listening to music without distraction is super helpful.
  3. Get more involved with your family.  I use social media for my blogs and for entertainment but I try to just be with my family.  My kids are about to start school and I need all of my mind and body to be on point to take care of their ever-growing needs.  Take time out to time back in with those you love. Take a baecation, take the kids to enjoy their town, but get out and detach from your phone or laptop.

Take this time to always regroup.  Fall is a great time to get active again if you have fallen off the wagon.  It’s a time to find an activity. It’s a time to get out and enjoy nature.  We always take the kids to the orchards and let them pick fresh fruit, or go to fall festivals. They are some of my best times with the little people allergies and all.  Get out and enjoy instead of being beyond the computers.

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