New Years Message

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2020!  Its here. We made it past the holidays and ushered ourselves into a New Year full of surprise, anticipation, and I am hoping relieve. All of the struggles from 2019 wont just go away. It will help you to reset yourself and start anew. So take this time to reset. Reset your mind! I hope not only does the New Year renew your desires to be better but I hope beyond just a date that you have an action plan to make whatever goal you have come to pass.   As we begin this New Year there are a few things that we still must keep in mind:

Self Care Tips

Keep yourself first as you serve those around you.  There are days when I don’t blog because my cup needs to be reset.  I need to get my life together.  I am always honest about that.  Social media and platforms will have you thinking that only YOUR life is bad when in reality, we are all pushing through, falling, or having to be knocked down at times.  Be gentle with yourself. Stop comparing yourself to me or anyone else.  I always check my cup and I always am honest about the times when I blew it. I will be blogging more about those moments as well.  We need to know that we aren’t alone. The human spirit is constantly being fed this fake picture of perfection and reality is perfection is great to attempt to obtain but I believe in getting better not perfect.

2020 will be all you create. Sometimes it takes taking big girl or big boy steps in order to get what is yours! Do not be afraid that you don’t have enough resources, talent, or stamina to keep it all up.  You do-your gift will make room for itself!  So as you walk in life even your failures will be lessons to add to your destiny.  Finish strong!  Finish whole! Finish Balanced! 2019 will be a beautiful reset by applying the skills, lessons, heartache, disappointments that took place in 2019 to make you that much greater!

I would encourage you to take a look at you from the inside out. What have you done or will do to make sure that your health is number one? I took a dramatic changes in 2018 that has carved how I walked into my 2019 and I will forever carry the tools to be the best version of myself. Have you seen your doctor all of 2019? If your answer is no that is a problem. You need to change that. Also what you eat and drink matter. Saying no and walking away from harmful foods or anything that you eat that isn’t in moderation is an issue. Also what about your mindset? Are the Eeyore of your family or group? Always complaining and never producing? Check that. Please get some counseling or change your surroundings. No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer. That energy isn’t going to be tolerated by folks trying to be on the do better in 2020.