What’s Coming up for ToiTime

ToiTime has a new home: http://www.toitime.com

Won’t he do it? You can still find me from my old domain but it was time to move up.

We just celebrated 2 years!!!!! How exciting is that?  It’s like having a newborn and bam you have a toddler now.  It’s going to be more work but its worth it.  Continue to follow me on all social media outlets under ToiTimeBlog

August Observances

  • Get Ready for Kindergarten
  • National Breastfeeding
  • National Immunization Awareness
  • Happiness Happens
  • Bystander Awareness
  • American Indian Heritage
  • Black Business

Blogging Goals:

Summer, Summer time.  We are still enjoying Summer’s shine.

As we shift our attention to enjoying the Summer, one thing we can’t deny is that we must start preparing our children for school.  I know some parents who can’t wait for the glorious first days and some school are heading back to school this month while others still have some time until after Labor day.

If you don’t have any children that’s fine too, start thinking of a hobby that you want to get started with.  Registering early for them now will be key as many locations see a surge in August.  Take that cake baking class, learn a new trade, take an online course, take a college course, etc

The sky is the limit!

Whatever you do just keep being super active.

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Summer Time End Goals

What are the things you had on your to do list that you haven’t done. Do them.  I had a list of things I wanted to do before I headed back to work and I did all of them except one.  However just because I am back to work, Summer didn’t end.  I have time and will make sure that all of Summer wish lists have been completed.  You should do the same. There’s nothing worst than wasted time.  Time is one of the things you can’t get back.  So don’t worry.  If you can’t find someone to join you, do what I did and go out on your own. I enjoyed a little lunch outside by myself, movies by myself, went to the beach by myself. I am married but that doesn’t mean my husband or my kids enjoy what I enjoy.  I am comfortable in my skin to get up and do it on my own.  You can do it too.  Don’t let lack of partnership stop you from having the best time of your life!!

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