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Thank you all for all the love and support throughout these 3 years!


July Observances

  • Alopecia Month for Women
  • Bereaved Parents Awareness
  • Cell Phone Courtesy
  • Get Ready for Kindergarten
  • International Women with Alopecia
  • National Black Family
  • National Child-Centered Divorce
  • National Cleft and Craniofacial Awareness and Prevention
  • National Cord Blood Awareness
  • National Grilling
  • National HIV Awareness
  • National Ice Cream
  • National Hot Dog
  • National Make a Difference to Children
  • National Minority Mental Health Awareness
  • National Parks and Recreation
  • National Roadside Traffic Safety Awareness
  • National Vacation Rental
  • National Watermelon
  • Self Care
  • Social Wellness
close view of purple flowers

Photo by HoliHo on Pexels.com

July is here! July is when the heat starts to pick up and if you were delusional to Summer’s start in June, you now know that it is here to stay.  Please be vigilant in putting on sunscreen all the time.  For my melanin brother and sisters, this means you too.  You too need to be protecting your skin, Black (Brown) may not crack but it will still burn too.  I love July because it seems that people’s mindset shift into enjoyment.  I really wished people would take this mindset with them into the full year, but they don’t.  For now I will enjoy the lightness that this time of the year brings.

Events Coming Up:

4th of July

It is the birthday of the nation.  The day of our Independence.  This day will be filled with celebrations all over the world and a lot of them will end in fireworks.  It is a widely celebrated day and for those who chose to celebrate always remember to do your best to stay safe.  Between family time, time with friends, drinks, and fireworks it can also be the deadliest.  So be sure to look out for the things that are happening around and be aware.

Image result for 4th of july

Shout out to Wooderice  

Wooderice keeps me up to date with all things Philly and events! So if you’re in Philly please be sure to check them out! Every weekend there is something going on when you’re not at the pool or beach!!

Summer Time Fun

Did I say I love Summer? I absolutely do.  It is also one of the biggest wedding months.  I wish all who are taking that next step much success.  For the rests of us that can’t wait to eat a popsicle as they melt, chase the ice-cream truck, or just enjoy some Summer reading on the porch, this month is super exciting. Get out and let that sun touch you!! Sun helps the mood. Although lately the rain has been on take over legend, when the sun breaks please break for the door. There are activities in just about every price range. Don’t waste your Summer time fun!!

blue sea under clear blue sky

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As always be safe.  The nicer it gets, the more social we become.  That is a great thing just be sure that you are aware of your surroundings.  Be vigilant about your children too.  They will be happily home from school, carefree and if you don’t have things planned for them, they will get into things. Be aware of the pitfalls of the Summer.  Enjoy your happy hours.  Be sure not to leave your drink unattended at any time.  Be careful to stay hydrated and you should be using sunblock all year-long but if not add more into your life.

Go somewhere. Get out.  Take a solo trip.  Get out and enjoy.  I will be doing my solo beach trip.  You know I blog it every year and I look forward to it.  I enjoy adult music, the sun, and not having to share snacks.


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