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Happy 3 Years ToiTime!!!!!

We are still celebrating.  Remember you can always follow me on  Facebook

Thank you all for all the love and support throughout these 3 years!

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March Observances

  • Irish-American
  • National Craft
  • Frozen Food
  • National Nutrition
  • National Women’s History
  • Red Cross
  • National Social Workers
  • National Music in Our Schools
  • National Peanut
  • March Madness


It’s women’s history month! Ladies, ladies, make sure you know that at Toitime we are always here for you. It doesn’t matter what you have failed in or have your successes, we are here for you.  So brush yourself off and try again and crush your goals! You can do it!

With March here, it signals that Spring is on its way.  Yes warmer weather, more time to be outside and active is upon us. So get ready to enjoy. Ladies there are a few things that you need to so and then we all women and men need to do:


  1. Go throw and start switching up your make up bag. In the winter we had drier skin, but now we got to get ready for a little heat.  You should be wearing SPF all year round but if you weren’t get some. Skin care is super important.  Throw out and replace some items.  I look over my things at a change of season.  If you are struggling with what to get rid of here’s a list for you from All You
  2. Everybody male or female do an inventory of your undergarments.  If it has holes, nobody should have to tell you to get rid of them.  Switch them up.  They may be your favorite but you need a new favorite.  Get better fitting bras ladies.  Get newer undergarments.  Trust me you will be much happier and cleaner.
  3. Spring shopping, it’s that time be wise.  Invest in a few statement pieces and then switch up the accessories.  Go with a pop of color.  The black and gray served you well in the Winter months, switch it up!
  4. Shoes, invest in new athletic schools.  Throw those old sneakers in the trash.  Sales are coming so get on one of them and get yourself right.  It’s nothing worst than being around a person who has the same old nasty shoes and when they take off their shoes you just want to vomit.  This is apart of grooming. It matters what you put on your body!
  5. Get ready to glow, invest in the best skin care products for you.  Drink water and then drink some more.  Water is going to be your saving grace
  6. Get active.  There are a lot of programs that are out there for you, get on Groupon and any other money-saving app but get out and get out often.

March is the signaling that the first quarter of the new year is coming to a close, what moves have you made so far?  If you can’t honestly answer that, then you know what you need to be doing to finish out strong.  Happy Spring as it comes but live each day as your best.







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