What’s Coming up for ToiTime

ToiTime has a new home: http://www.toitime.com

Won’t he do it? You can still find me from my old domain but it was time to move up.

We just celebrated 2 years!!!!! How exciting is that?  It’s like having a newborn and bam you have a toddler now.  It’s going to be more work but its worth it.  Continue to follow me on all social media outlets under ToiTimeBlog

May/June Observances

  • Memorial Day
  • Recommit your New Years Resolution
  • Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness
  • International Men’s Health
  • National safety month
  • PTSD Awareness month
  • Rebuild your life month

Blogging Goals:

It’s time to get focused.  We are going to open June to recommit to our New Year’s resolution.  Why?  It’s a national day AND not to mention June is the half way point of the year.  We want to be sure that we kick procrastination to the curb.  So if there is something you have been delaying it’s time to step it up and make things happen.  Small change is better than no change.

Also we are going to push the get out and enjoy life initiative. I get more emails from readers who don’t know how to simply get out and enjoy the weather.  I am going to be more vulnerable and show more pics of how getting outside and being on a budget doesn’t mean not having fun.  My family never sit in the Summer.  Why?  Are we ballers?  Not yet, but I explore my own city and get out of my comfort zone.

Image result for summer gif

Summer Time

The weather is changing and we must change with it.  In the Winter we complained well some did about being in the home.  Some couldn’t work out, some couldn’t get out, or whatever was the hold up.  Sunscreen will be our friend but we stepping out this Summer.  It’s one of my favorite seasons I really only have two, Fall and Summer.  I will be doing my annual me day at the beach as well.  I will be taking you all on the journey.  The notion that as a woman or as a mother means that I sit idle is not cutting.  I stepped out last year and this year is no different.  I broke May in with a girls trip, I got a family vacation planned and a little me time as well-to walk in MY wholeness means to be able to do more for me as I do for others.




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