What’s Coming up for ToiTime

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Thank you all for all the love and support throughout these 3 years!

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May Observances

  • Lupus Awareness
  • National Barbeque
  • National Bike
  • National Blood Pressure
  • National Hamburger
  • National Photography
  • Recommitment
  • National Salad
  • Older Americans

May signals one more month until we are done with the second quarter.  It’s not a coincidence that it’s also recommittment month as well.  Its time to move full speed ahead for what our goals are and attempt to crush it.  With that being said be sure that you get help in the areas where you may not be as strong.  No need in not gathering a squad of folks that are just as like-minded as you.

Events Coming Up:

Broad Street Run

Broad Street Run is on Sunday May 6, 2018.  This is a 10 mile run and is the largest in North America.  To all of my fellow runners from all over the world, let’s eat these miles and have fun doing it!

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This is when I do my 10 day birthday celebration. I do this to celebrate myself because regardless of how big or small you plan on celebrating your born day, you deserve it.  During this 10 celebration I do things everyday that make me feel amazing.  Whether I use all of my birthday coupons from various locations, to treating myself to a spa day I celebrate everything that makes me, ME.  I will try to blog it this year.  I have been doing this for the last few years and I find it to be one of the most happy times of the year.  My actual birthday is May 10th!

Mothers day

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Happy Mothers Day to all moms! You deserve the world and much more. Enjoy your special day and time.  Families, make sure you treat your mom or mother figure with grace!

Memorial Day

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Summer’s unofficial official start.  This is when the pools open, and those who haven’t started cooking out do just that. It is also when things slow down a bit and people decide to travel or do family oriented trips.  Be careful and safe at all times.  Also its a time to salute all of the veterans who have put their lives on the line so that we can be free.  As a military brat I will NEVER take this time lightly.





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