Women’s Month March 2018

I want to thank every woman who participated this month to make Women’s History Month here at ToiTime such a large success. Every year it gets better. We cover the everyday woman and we love hearing about how you made it through any hardship

From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to feature you.  It takes courage to put yourself out in the world like that and I pray I was able to tell a small portion of your story and honor you in the process.

If you missed any of our women, you can hit the links below to read any of them or all of them.  Thank you to all of my readers both new and old for rocking out with me.  We are done with first quarter so make sure you keep pressing onward and upward!

Erica M

Stephanie S

Cheryl A

Tierra M

Judith M

Jasmine D

Women are Strong Everyday

Women History Month Preview