Women’s Month March 2018

Women’s Month is fast approaching!

Here at ToiTime we honor ALL women from all walks of life.

I dedicate my blog posts to all women every March and we have had the opportunity to learn from some dynamic women from all over the world!

If you are interested in telling your story please send an email to toitimeblog@gmail.com

You only have to be willing to have your story told.  What is your story?  The things you have been through that have made you stronger and that sometimes shows your weaknesses or even your failures.  No we don’t harp on the failure but in life sometimes falling is the best thing to jumpstart your life to better. Don’t be afraid of it! Here at ToiTime we know that as much success that you see or have in your life it came from a place of pain and sometimes falling a thousand and one times.  The point is whatever was attempting to knock you down or out, didn’t!  There is a women going through the very things you have and needs to be encouraged.  Tell your story!

I do all of the writing all I ask is that you are comfortable being interviewed and letting your story be heard!